Civil Cases from Robbery, Assault or Battery

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If you have been injured in a robbery or by assault or battery, you may not know that you can press civil charges against your assailant. Of course, the state prosecutes perpetrators of crimes with criminal charges which seek to put them in jail or charge them a fine. However, the law also allows for… Read More »

Do You Have a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Case? What You Should Know

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Slip and fall accidents are all too common these days and can occur at many different places, such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls and theme parks. While many of these accidents do not result in severe injuries, those that are may require extensive medical care and disability. Let’s take a closer look at premises liability… Read More »

3 Ways to Dispute a DUI Charge

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Bloomington DUI lawyer

Do you believe you may have been wrongly charged with a DUI?  While we don’t condone drinking and driving, there are ways you may be able to dispute the charge.  Police officers and their equipment can make mistakes and unfairly charge you for a DUI.  A good lawyer can assess your case and find any… Read More »

Who Pays for Injuries after a Dog Bite?

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Every year, more than 885,000 Americans suffer from dog bite injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In 1 out of every 5 cases, the bites are reported to become infected, while about 27,000 of the cases require the victim to undergo reconstructive surgery to restore the appearance and function of the affected… Read More »

Different Claims in Estate and Business Planning

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One of the big concerns with many people is how to protect their estate and business assets from claims from third parties, which includes personal injury claims. For business owners especially, they do not want to have their personal home at risk from an accident caused by an employee.  What concerns them, really, is that… Read More »