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Experienced Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a crime an attorney can help make sure that your rights are protected. Don B. Pioletti Jr. has over thirty-five years of criminal defense trial experience defending individuals charged with crimes.  Together with Joe Pioletti the attorneys at Pioletti & Pioletti defend people across the state of Illinois who have been charged with a crime including Woodford, Tazewell, Peoria, Livingston, Fulton, and McLean counties.

Bloomington DUI Lawyer

Being arrested for DUI is a very serious situation. It actually involves two separate proceedings – a criminal proceeding with the State’s Attorney – and an administrative proceeding with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. Many things are at stake including loss of your driving privileges, expensive fines and possibly even jail time. Having an experienced DUI attorney on your side that can provide sound advice and guidance throughout the process can make a tremendous difference in the outcome.

The attorneys at Pioletti & Pioletti have extensive experience handling DUI cases. We have a good working relationship with the other side and can help get your case resolved as favorably as possible.
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Bloomington Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Do you have to appear in court for a traffic related offense? Are you facing a license suspension or revocation? If so the attorneys of Pioletti & Pioletti can represent you on your pending charges of traffic tickets, general speeding tickets, red light camera tickets and any other traffic related offenses. Many times we can appear on your behalf which means you won’t have to take off work or travel to make a court appearance.
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We provide comprehensive legal counsel in all criminal law areas including:

To consult a criminal lawyer at Pioletti & Pioletti in Bloomington and Eureka contact us online or call 309-467-3213.

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