Check in With Your Children During a Custody Battle

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When two parents are going through a custody battle, it is crucial that they keep in mind how their children may be coping with these changes. The separation of parents and a change of daily living can cause children a substantial amount of stress. Depending on what age your children are, they may be adjusting more or less well. An attorney understands the emotional rollercoasting you and your children may be going through. During the separation and custody battle, we recommend talking openly with your children about the following:

They Are Not to Blame for the Separation

During the separation, children are likely to interpret this happening because of something they did wrong. This can be especially true if children heard their parents fighting about them prior to the separation being decided. To alleviate your children’s worries that they were a factor in this decision, have an open conversation about why this is not true. Encourage your children to express themselves so they can process the changes in a more healthy way.

Changes May Happen, But They are Still Loved

When children no longer live with both parents in the family home, they may worry that they will see one parent much less often and may interpret this as not being loved by that parent. No matter how you feel about your former partner and what they may have done to cause the separation, it is important to put those feelings aside. For the emotional health of your children as they continue to grow, it is vital that they have quality time with both parents where they have fun and feel loved. Never speak poorly of your former partner in front of your children, as this can have devastating effects on their current and future well being.

It is Okay to Feel Scared About the Future

If your children are of a younger age, they may start to feel scared about all the major changes that are happening so quickly. During this time, it can benefit them to feel like their feelings are normal and accepted. Reassure your children about the fears, anxieties and other worries they may have. It can help to emphasize that while change can seem quite scary, not all changes are bad.

How an Attorney Can Help

In the midst of a chaotic custody battle, it can help to have the best child custody attorneys Dallas, TX trusts fighting for your behalf. It may be nearly impossible to go through a custody battle on all your own. You are likely feeling emotional yourself, trying to keep you and you children together. We are here to answer any questions you have about upcoming child custody hearings, to help you feel more prepared and confident.



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