At least six states have adopted measures that allow for in-room cameras at nursing homes within the last several years. The videos prevent abuse, neglect, and prevent Medicaid/Medicare fraud and waste.  Ohio families may soon be allowed to install surveillance cameras in the rooms of nursing home residents under a new proposal.  Ohio State Rep. Juanita Brent issued a letter last week asking for co-sponsors on forthcoming legislation that would allow residents of a residential facility to conduct electronic monitoring in their rooms, News 5 Cleveland reported.

If approved by state lawmakers, residents or their power of attorney would have to first agree to any surveillance camera being installed in their room.

The goal behind this legislation is to give elderly residents and their families the option to place an ‘electronic monitoring device’ in a fixed position to record activities and sounds occurring in the room. The objective is to mitigate the occurrences of Elderly Abuse within nursing home settings in Ohio,” Brent wrote.