What is a foreclosure defense lawyer?

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Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

When you purchase a home with a mortgage, you sign a contract saying that you agree to pay a certain minimum payment each month in order to pay off that loan to the back. If for whatever reason you are no longer able to make those payments, you could be looking at foreclosure on your home. When this happens do you know the best course of action to take? And who can you call on for help in this situation? In this article, we’ll explain what a foreclosure defense lawyer is and how they can help you.

What does it mean to foreclose on a home?

When the homeowners are unable to pay the mortgage on their house, the bank has the right to foreclose on their home. Buying a home with a mortgage does not mean you own exclusive rights to the home on the day of closing. With a mortgage, the bank you are borrowing from actually owns the house and you have entered into an agreement with them to pay them back the money they let you borrow to purchase the home. When you cannot make those payments, the bank or lender, has the right to take possession of the house you are living in. This is called a foreclosure. 

What is a foreclosure defense lawyer? 

A foreclosure defense lawyer is a person who represents the homeowners to the mortgage company. Their job is to prevent the foreclosure from happening altogether and to also make sure that the mortgage company is following all the right procedures during the foreclosure process. They will work with you and the mortgage company to try to come up with a solution to stop your home from being foreclosed on.

Foreclosure defense lawyers will fill out the paperwork, answer any summons, appear at court with you or on your behalf, and give you solid legal counsel on your options for what you should do next. They know foreclosure law inside and out and will be your best advisor on the foreclosure process. They will also come up with foreclosure defense strategies if your case goes to trial and you need to defend yourself. 

Do you need a foreclosure defense lawyer? 

It’s not necessary to have a foreclosure defense lawyer in every situation. There are many foreclosure cases that do not seek the advice of a lawyer. But there are certain circumstances where you should really weigh the costs and benefits of hiring an attorney. If you want to fight the case and keep your home, if you are in the military and your home was foreclosed on while you were away on active duty, or if you want to know more about foreclosure law specific to your state, you should consider reaching out to an attorney. If you would rather let your home slip into foreclosure in order to get out of a mortgage you can no longer pay, then you should be able to go through that process alone. 

Foreclosure can be a scary and stressful time in your life. If you are at all concerned about the process, a foreclosure defense lawyer in Tampa, FL can help you out.

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