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Top 40 Nursing Home Blogs

Published on October 29th, 2010

The website Change of Address created a list of the Top 40 Nursing Home blogs for Families.  We are proud to announce that was ranked #12.  Please check out the website.

Below is the list of the Top 40 nursing home blogs:

1. Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Blog
This is an incredibly informational blog and the information is not specific to Illinois. You can stay on top of lawsuits involving nursing home care and much more with this blog which is updated daily with very relevant and professional articles.

2. Nursing Home Administrator
This is a really informal and interesting blog that sees nursing homes from the eyes of an administrator including some deep articles centered around dealing with the inevitability of dying.

3. Nursing Home Administrator
This is a similar blog that was really active in 2008 and 2009, but contains some well written and good articles for families.

4. Nursing Home Talk
This is a great blog for keeping track of what is happening in the industry from passing NHA exams to prescription drug cost assistance. This blogger is a licensed home nursing administrator.

5. Setting the Nursing Home on Fire
Okay, don’t get the wrong idea… This blogger is trying to inspire future and current nursing home administrators to innovate inside their nursing homes (this has nothing to do with matches).

6. Nursing Homes Abuse Blog
If you bookmark one blog from this list, make sure it is this one if you want to stay on top of all news surrounding nursing home abuse. This blog is always kept current and full of real world examples that drive the point home regarding the need for oversight in our nursing homes.

7. Legal Medicine
The blog offers discussion on topics about medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases in a legal, but easy to understand way. One recent article title was “Let’s Put the Elderly in Jail”, see what inspired that title when you get a chance.

8. Nursing Home and Hospital Surveyor
Here you can learn practical things like what you need to do before meeting with a lawyer about nursing home care issues or abuse.

9. The Happy Hospitalist
This is a very active medical blog that tackles nursing home related care issues from the hospital’s perspective (daily informative articles are available).

10. Hospice and Nursing Homes
This blog is managed by a writer and hospice volunteer. Most of her topics talk about news and insights related to elderly care, nursing homes, and other health and death-related matters which are covered in articles, videos and interesting images.

11. My Better Nursing Home
This is a really interesting blog that tackles issues like substance abuse inside of nursing homes which is not something that people think about every day, but given the number of prescriptions it makes complete sense.

12. South Carolina Nursing Home Blog
Another very useful and well written legal block focused on various type of cases involving abuse in nursing homes. Again, not specific to just South Carolina.

13. The Guardian Blog
This blog discusses the rise in the number of nursing home abuse cases and addresses concerns around needing to prepare for a much larger number of aging baby boomers.

14. Nursing Home Blog
So many sad stories, but all of them are important for people looking to avoid running into similar issues. It’s really important to learn from what has happened to others while living in nursing homes.

15. Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Blog
Here we have a legal blog that is written by a group of attorneys in Pennsylvania but covers cases of abuse from all over the country.

16. Elder Care at Home
This blog focuses on Alzheimer’s disease as well as the efforts to take care of our elders at home and the daily challenges that families face when they embark on that journey.

17. Care Crunch
Wow! This blog is interesting because it talks about ways to keep the elderly active by exercising and other techniques depending upon the condition of the patients.

18. Aging Home Health Care
If you are committed to home health care but thinking about a nursing home you may find some assistance through the articles, news, and links on this blog.

19. Home Care Law Blog
This is a blog discussing the legal and policy issues in the home health care, private duty, and hospice industries, from a well established law firm.

20. South Carolina Nursing Home Lawyer
This is a legal blog as well but they have articles that also focus on helping people choose the right nursing home for their loved one and more items like that which extend beyond legal analysis.

21. New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog
-know the latest legal nursing home issues inside the state of New York from this blog.

22. Kentucky Injury law Blog
This legal blog is not quite as current but it does have some interesting cases and insights that could be really helpful.

23. Legal Nurse Consultant Tom
This is blog comes to us from a legal nurse’s perspective. I really like the way the writer approaches this blog as you really get a lot of good information on patient safety in nursing homes.

24. Nursing Homes Elderly
This one is a bit older (where did our writer go?). However, it is still very useful for a look at what others have been through in pretty much every State (lots of articles on this blog).

25. GNCS Health Care
This blog covers various types of training that are available for elderly care be it at home, hospice, or in a nursing home.

26. Code Blog
This nurse is a great writer (plain, well written articles) and includes a lot of real world stories that really bring up great points regarding care for the elderly.

Let’s branch out and recognize that nursing home care and elderly care is a World-wide issue. This is a blog from the Philippines that covers relevant current events in that country.

28. Advisor Med
This blog contains the latest buzz in healthcare including nursing homes and various illnesses. There are some really sad stories in there as well, but important to note.

29. Blog of the Nation
This is an excellent article about building a better nursing home… Find out what the author is thinking.

30. Minnesota Nursing Home and Neglect Attorney
This blog focuses on nursing home neglect as well as other nursing care related issues. Neglect in general though is very common so something that every family should be aware of.

31. Guide to Nursing Homes
This is a bit of a commercial site but it is really helpful for those that are trying to find a nursing home (they have a great database of nursing homes). However, they also have some great articles covering various aspects of nursing home selection criteria.

32. Elderly Work
This is a straight-forward article on how to choose the right nursing home for your loved one.

33. Hybrid Jungle
This blog actually covers a wide array of topics but includes a quick writeup about nursing home care.

34. Senior Home Care Association
This blog covers all kinds of illness that are common to the elderly along with some different ways to deal with each of them whether your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living facility or not.

35. LawMed.Com
There are some inspiring articles about patients living to be 103 as well as some truly frightening stories on this blog. It’s really well written and very active, I highly recommend this one!

36. California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog
Find out all of the latest court cases involving nursing cares in the State of California (and around the country). This is sponsored by another really dedicated law firm.

37. Hashemian Blog
This article touches on some of the challenges of deciding when a person belongs in a nursing home or assisted living center.

38. Health is the greatest wealth
This talks about how nursing homes SHOULD help extend the health and lives of our loved ones (a.k.a. elderly).

39. Hospice Blog
-This is an older but great article about risk management for hospices and nursing homes.

40. Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Finally, we finish off with a very current and well-maintained legal blog from some attorneys in Chicago. Lots of videos and good information on nursing home related court cases and what to do if you find yourself in need of an attorney to address nursing home abuse or neglect

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