Tax Issues Associated with Estate Planning

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An estate planning attorney is extremely useful to help you deal with the issues that arise when a family member suddenly passes away or requires intensive medical care. The attorney can provide services to facilitate asset distribution, minimizing tax fees and clarifying the final wishes of the family member. The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS,… Read More »

How to protect your business from slip and fall claims

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Any good business owner knows that they need to do what they can to protect themselves from lawsuits. Being the defendant side of a personal injury claim can be a very expensive process, even if you win the case. The best thing any business owner can do is avoid situations which might lead to lawsuits… Read More »

The Similarities and Differences Between Criminal and Civil Cases

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The legal system is designed to provide a platform in which people can iron out their differences. Whether your case will be heard in civil or criminal court depends on the type of complaint you are bringing forth. The following is an overview of how the justice system works and where cases are generally filed.… Read More »

5 things to know about Slip and Fall

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Placing a loved one in a nursing home is not easy. Though a family can make every effort to try to find the best available facility, problems can develop that lead to elder abuse or neglect. Although older people often experience a natural decline in health, family members must evaluate nursing home care when an… Read More »

Liability Issues In Large Truck Collisions

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A fully-loaded large truck weighs about 80,000 pounds, so a vehicle collision involving one of these massive vehicles nearly always causes catastrophic injuries.  On the other hand, “bobtailing” trucks that are not towing trailers are much lighter but also much harder to control, because all the weight is toward the front. Medical care and lost… Read More »