3 Ways to Dispute a DUI Charge

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Bloomington DUI lawyer

Do you believe you may have been wrongly charged with a DUI?  While we don’t condone drinking and driving, there are ways you may be able to dispute the charge.  Police officers and their equipment can make mistakes and unfairly charge you for a DUI.  A good lawyer can assess your case and find any… Read More »

Who Pays for Injuries after a Dog Bite?

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Every year, more than 885,000 Americans suffer from dog bite injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In 1 out of every 5 cases, the bites are reported to become infected, while about 27,000 of the cases require the victim to undergo reconstructive surgery to restore the appearance and function of the affected… Read More »

Do you need a police report for a car accident?

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More than one person has come to us after being injured in a motor vehicle crash who didn’t call the police immediately after an accident for purposes of getting a police report. That might be the biggest mistake that somebody can make when it comes to building a strong personal injury case. Here’s what they’re… Read More »

What is a Statute of Limitations?

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In both criminal and civil law the statutes of limitations are laws that place time limits during which a lawsuit or a criminal prosecution must begin. Should any of these limits “run” or “expire” without at least the start of legal actions, the courts will usually dismiss the prosecution or lawsuit upon the request of… Read More »

Life Changing Events That Should Prompt You to Write a Will

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Even the thought of writing one’s will can be stressful or anxiety-producing for many people. Nevertheless, it’s an important task as your loved ones will already be overwhelmed with grief at your passing. By having a will in place, they will not have the added stress of guessing as to your final wishes. A will… Read More »