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Bloomington Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Tickets

A Bloomington traffic ticket attorney knows too well that getting a speeding ticket can be an annoying and frustrating event that many times requires the assistance of a traffic defense attorney.

First there is the time lost on the side of the road when you get pulled over. Then there is the time that you will spend taking care of the ticket in traffic court. You may even have to take time off of work and spend a large part of a day driving to and from the courthouse. There is also the worry that the ticket may cause your car insurance rates to go up.

Relax, let a trusted traffic ticket attorney in Bloomington, Illinois from Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols  fight your speeding ticket for you. You won’t have to take off work or spend time in court. We understand the consequences of your speeding ticket and will fight to get you an outcome that will not increase your rates of affect the validity of your driver’s license.

Your Options Following a Traffic Ticket

Although a ticket or citation represents a suspected violation of traffic law, you likely will not need to appear in criminal court. As long as the purported violation is minor, the court procedure for traffic tickets is different. As such, you may have several options available after receiving a citation. It is not always necessary for you to appear in court. However, it may be to your advantage to do so.

The following is an explanation of the options that may be available after a traffic ticket.

Pay the Fine

The quickest and easiest way to resolve a traffic ticket is to simply pay the fine. In many cases, you can avoid traffic court entirely by doing this. If you cannot afford to pay the ticket, the court may offer an agreement in which you pay in monthly installments.

However, there are downsides to paying the ticket without going to court. If you go to court or have your Bloomington traffic ticket attorney represent you and plead guilty, there’s a chance that the judge may reduce your fine amount. However, if you pay the fine without going to court, you will automatically pay the maximum. Additionally, your insurance costs are likely to increase when you simply pay the fine.

Traffic School

Depending on the eligibility requirements that apply in the state where you live, you may be able to go to traffic school, also known as “driving safety” or “defensive driving” classes. Going to traffic school doesn’t guarantee that you will not have to pay the fine for your ticket but it does keep the violation off your record and prevent your insurance rates from going up.

Contesting the Ticket

This involves going to traffic court and pleading not guilty. Contesting the ticket usually results in one of three outcomes:

  • A ruling against you
  • A decision in your favor
  • Dismissal of the case because the issuing officer did not show up

In the latter two circumstances, you typically do not need to pay any fine, nor do you incur points on your driving record. However, even if the judge rules against you, he or she may not require you to pay the full amount of your fine.

While contesting the ticket can result in a favorable outcome, it typically requires a significant investment of time to prepare your case. Not only that, but you may have to take time off from work or class in order to attend, since traffic court is usually only in session during business hours.

Hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Bloomington, IL to represent you in traffic court often eliminates the need for you to appear. Not only that, but it may also improve your chances for success. Contact our office today for more information.

Let Us Handle Your Out-of-Town Ticket so You Don’t Have To

By hiring us you will ensure that your ticket is handled properly and efficiently. If you would like to hire us to fight your speeding ticket then contact us or give us a call at (309) 467-3213. For you convenience, and to answer some of your questions, please feel free to look through our Illinois Speeding Ticket FAQs.

We are always accepting new speeding ticket clients

Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols Illinois Speeding Ticket Defense Attorneys serve clients charged with speeding and other traffic violations in Woodford County, (including the cities of Eureka, Metamora, El Paso, and Goodfield) Tazewell County, Peoria County and Mclean County (Bloomington-Normal). Call a Bloomington traffic ticket attorney from our office today. 

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