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Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL

Divorce Lawyer Bloomington ILIf you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL at Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols, you might realize there are many factors you should consider including their experience, skill, diligence, and ability to devote the necessary attention to your own case.

The Cost of a Divorce Lawyer

Choosing to retain a divorce lawyer from IL does not mean you will have to spend a premium. At the same time, you should not choose a lawyer solely based on their low cost. Keep in mind that if a lawyer refuses to discuss an initial estimate, their costs, or does not commit to a deposit, you should reconsider their services. 

No lawyer, including a divorce lawyer, will be able to tell you exactly what your divorce will cost; nor can they tell you exactly what you will pay them, unless they agree to take on your case for a flat fee. That said, a good divorce lawyer should be able to give you a range of what other people, in a similar situation, have paid.

How Does the Law Office Look?
The appearance of a law firm can give you an indicator of how organized they are – and you want them to be organized! If the firm is chaotic or full of stacked boxes and papers strewn about the room, it may be a clue that the firm is not organized and could struggle with their cases.

If the firm seems to have things in order and there is an overall sense of organisation, it’s a good sign. You might wonder why this is important, and the reason for this is that you don’t want your own case file to be misplaced, put inside the many stacked boxes, or thrown on the floor only to be forgotten. Do keep in mind that a busy divorce lawyer in Bloomington from Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols will likely look busy; however, we aren’t disorganized.

Reviews and Testimonials

Implement your own due diligence when you read reviews and testimonials to ensure whatever you are reading is correct and not manufactured. This means the words should read in an authentic way and not generically; such as “great lawyer”. Sure, a previous client might feel this way, but there is a good chance they’ll have more to say than two words. We are happy to provide you with client testimonials if you’d like.

Some Tips to Consider:

  • Check the online reviews about the divorce lawyer
  • If you are concerned about what you read, ask the lawyer
  • Keep in mind that divorce lawyers are not immune from “attacks” from spouses or family members on the “other side” and who lost their case
  • Feel free to ask for references; however, a lawyer will have to get the permission of the client before they can provide with with these

What Does the Lawyer Practice?
There are jack of all trades lawyers who understand a broad range of legal areas, and can efficiently handle many different cases. However, when it comes to a matter like divorce, you should stick to hiring an experienced Bloomington divorce lawyer in IL. This is especially true if your case is likely to be complicated. Why is this so, you might ask? The primary reason to retain a divorce lawyer over a general lawyer is due to the complicated, and ever changing, legal system encompassing family and divorce law.

The Fee Agreement

A good divorce lawyer should provide you with a relatively straightforward fee agreement that includes elements such as the following:

  • The scope of their services
  • The hourly rate – if applicable
  • Rates for non-attorney work
  • Explaination or breakdown of fees
  • The initial deposit
  • How you will be billed
  • How you can pay
  • When you are expected to pay

You should also have an understanding of how often you will receive the bill, how it will be sent, and who you can talk to in the event of any billing questions. 

We Can Protect Your Rights
A divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. A poorly handled divorce may create more problems in the future and cost precious time and money. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer from our firm can protect your legal rights concerning issues of the distribution of property, alimony and support, custody of children, and the maintenance of insurance, just to name a few.

Commonsense Divorce Solutions
We are equipped to help you with all aspects of the dissolution of your marriage, legal separation or annulment. We strive to help clients reach amicable solutions through negotiation and mediation but we are always prepared to fight for our client’s interests in court.

Fighting for Your Share of the Marital Property
In negotiations involving complex property division, if you do not have a competent attorney on your side it is all too easy to get ran over by the other side – especially in regard to Illinois equitable distribution laws. If the other side files motions and presents documents to the court that could hurt your case, a competent divorce lawyer will know how to challenge that evidence and make sure the opposition doesn’t take advantage of you.

Our firm can represent men and women in divorce cases in Bloomington, Eureka, Washington, Peoria, and the surrounding towns. We are highly skilled and thorough in our approach to divorce law, and will give your divorce case the attention that it deserves. Contact us today to talk with an IL divorce lawyer in Bloomington from Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols

Is an Attorney Necessary If My Spouse and I Will Handle the Divorce Amicably? 

Not all divorce cases involve contention, leading some to wonder if they need a Bloomington IL divorce lawyer. However, complications can still arise even if you and your soon-to-be-divorced spouse are on the right page. For example, errors can cause delays in your case. You may also need help accurately determining how many assets you have. Of course, children also complicate a divorce case even if both spouses are in agreement of how they’ll split seeing their children, it’s best to have a lawyer help you navigate this process.

Can a Mediator Be an Effective Alternative to Hiring an Attorney? 

Contention happens and divorces in particular can cause contention. After all, emotions are sure to be high, causing you or your spouse to not always think clearly. Many couples may pursue mediation before hiring an attorney. The main reason is that a mediator is typically cheaper than an attorney. However, there are some situations where litigation is necessary. A lawyer can simply step in and perform duties that a regular mediator can’t. Especially if you’re dealing with major areas of contention like the custody of your children, you may want to hire an attorney instead.

I Think My Spouse Was Unfair to Me, Should I Have Sole Custody? 

Unfortunately, issues like a spouse cheating or lying are all too common in a marriage. However, this alone shouldn’t be grounds for having sole custody. A bad husband or wife can still be a good parent. In many situations, joint custody is better for a child. This fact doesn’t mean you have to like your ex-husband or wife. However, keeping them from seeing their children should only be a solution if they’re a bad parent or don’t have the means to care for a child.

When Does Sole Custody Make Sense? 

A Bloomington divorce attorney may recommend sole custody if:

  • A spouse is physically or emotionally abusive—either to you or your children.
  • The spouse has gambling, drug, or alcohol problems that’ll make caring for their children hard.
  • The spouse doesn’t have the financial means to care for a child or doesn’t have an appropriate work environment.
  • A child has special needs that the spouse can’t provide for (for example, a certain medical condition).
  • A child doesn’t get along well with a parent, but generally only to the point where it causes major issues in their relationship.

What Traits Should You Look for in a Divorce Attorney? 

When choosing a divorce attorney, there are some traits that you should look for. For starters, you want an attorney who specializes in family law and who has plenty of experience dealing with divorces. Additionally, ask them if they have dealt with cases similar to yours. For example, a divorce that involves children is much different than a case that doesn’t. You also want someone who has satisfied clients that can vouch for the lawyer’s success. Lastly, you want a Bloomington divorce attorney who will fight for what you need, but who will also set realistic goals. Our lawyers at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols can help you today!

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