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A felony or misdemeanor criminal arrest or conviction can have lasting consequences. Importantly for most people, it can impair your ability to get a job. Even in cases where you were only arrested and the charges were later dropped or you were found not guilty, the public record will still remain. That means that it will still show up on most background checks done by employers. Depending on the type of arrest or charge that you had, you may be able to have your record wiped clean.

There are two basic methods for dealing with a criminal record, expunging and sealing. Getting a record expunged or sealed requires the filing of a petition with the court and a hearing in front of a judge.

Expunging Your Record

An expungement is the actual wiping off of an incident on your record. It is the most effective and complete method as it totally removes a mark from the public record. This means that you no longer have to disclose the incident when asked by an employer because it is as if the incident never took place.

Sealing Your Record

If something does not qualify for expungement it may still qualify to be sealed. Sealing prevents a record from being released to non law-enforcement. The mark still remains on your record but it will no longer show up on an employer background check.

Common Myths About Expungement and Sealings

Myth #1: An arrest where the charges were later dropped will automatically be removed from my record.

Fact: Arrests do not automatically drop from your record. If you wish to have an arrest removed you must petition the court to do so.

Myth #2: I was told that since I successfully completed court supervision that I would not have a criminal record.

Fact: While successfully completing court supervision keeps you from having a conviction on your record, the arrest and charge will still show up on your record.

Felony Arrests and Records

Most felony arrests and convictions cannot be expunged or sealed. There are some exceptions:

→ Class 4 felony drug possession under Section 4 of the Cannabis Control Act

→ Felony arrests not resulting in a conviction may be expunged if you have no other convictions on your record.

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