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The attorneys at Pioletti & Pioletti have been helping clients solve their tax problems for decades. Besides assisting clients with annual income 1040 tax return preparation, we help people with their tax issues in several other areas.

Affordable Care Act

We have studied the new Affordable Care Act Law and that is just now taking effect. If you need assistance in dealing with the effects of this new law for yourself or for your business we can help. Among the provisions taking effect for 2013 tax returns are the Net Investment Income Tax or NIIT and the Additional Medicare Tax.

For more information on the specific provisions on this tax check out our Guide to the Affordable Care Act or call us at 309-467-3213.

IRS Tax Dispute Resolution

Being involved in a tax dispute with the IRS can be a headache. We have experience dealing with the IRS and Illinois State Government to resolve people’s tax issues. If you have received a CP2000 Notice or Audit Notice and want help resolving these issues let us put our experience to work for you.

Tax Return Preparation

We provide general tax planning services for businesses and individuals alike from individual tax returns to complex corporate tax returns. Our rates are competitive with tax preparing services but unlike them, we are attorneys and are allowed to give legal advice along with our tax services.

Estate Planning and Trusts

Creating estate plans and establishing trusts are intertwined with complex tax issues. We have experience navigating these issues to maximize the effectiveness of estate plans and trusts. This allows our clients to advance such goals as wealth preservation, tax savings and efficient distribution of assets.

To consult an Illinois Tax Attorney contact us online or call 309-467-3213.

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