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Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols has a long history. Our firm was founded in 1938 with a focus on estate planning, real estate, and business services. Today we are a versatile firm providing a group of services including family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and personal injury.

Our focus is on providing outstanding legal representation with unmatched personal service.

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Our Practice Areas

Family Law
Criminal, DUI & Traffic
Estate Planning
DUI Defense
Personal Injury

If you need a thorough, experienced and aggressive divorce lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, or personal injury lawyer who will respect you and fight for you contact us

Family Law & Divorce Lawyer

We have extensive experience handling all types of family related legal issues from divorce to child custody. These are complicated and personal situations that must be handled with care. We have the dedication and know-how to successfully handle these tough times.

We are committed to providing you with dependable and attentive personal service. We appreciate your needs and will work closely with you to resolve your legal issues. We know from experience that a successful attorney-client relationship depends on our ability to understand your needs and objectives.

We take great pride in providing clear and prompt communication on all client matters. We make it our goal to be readily available and accessible to our clients so that we can address questions and issues as they arise.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

We are a premier bankruptcy law firm. We take great pride and care in handling our client’s matters. The access that you will have to your attorney is unmatched by other firms.

Our flexibility in scheduling appointments and our ability to handle your case without you having to travel to our office will provide you with an overall experience that is second to none. Let us handle your bankruptcy case and you will be glad that you did. We handle all types of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases whether they be personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy.

Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer

Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols is a premier criminal defense law firm with offices in Eureka and Bloomington IL. We have extensive experience handling a large range of criminal matters, ranging from DUI charges to the most complex criminal cases. We work closely with our clients to develop the optimal strategy for their situation. We will listen to your side of the story, investigate the facts and give you honest advice about the realities you face.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys know how to analyze the evidence that the State will use against you. This may be DNA evidence or in the case of a DUI; breathalyzer tests, and field sobriety tests.

Our Bloomington DUI lawyers have experience in first, second and third offense DUI’s, so you can rest assured we will do everything possible to defend your rights.

When defending against a criminal charge, you are going up against experienced prosecuting attorneys. You need an attorney equally qualified fighting on your side. In some cases it may be necessary to hire an independent expert to disprove the prosecution’s findings. Our criminal defense attorneys will fight to make sure your rights and best interests are protected at every stage of the proceedings. We will act quickly and aggressively to get you the results you need to move forward with your life.

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Driving Under the Influence
and Chemical Tests

It is a violation of state law to operate a car or other motor vehicle while your abilities to do so are impaired as a result of the consumption of alcohol or drugs such as marijuana. Even if you are allowed to use marijuana for medical reasons, you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle if the use of the drug has impaired your abilities to do so.

If your blood alcohol content level is 0.08 percent or greater, the law considers you to be driving under the influence. Police may ask you to submit to a breath, blood or urine test after you are arrested for DUI. The purpose of the test is to measure your BAC level.

A refusal to submit to a test to measure your BAC level is a violation of the implied consent rule. Anyone who is issued a license to drive operate a motor vehicle is deemed to have consented to taking a test to measure BAC levels. A refusal results in a 12-month suspension of your driver’s license. This suspension is in addition to any suspension or penalties imposed by a judge on the DUI charge.

Even if you submit to a chemical test, you could still lose your driving privileges while the case is pending in court. A BAC that exceeds the legal limit of 0.08 percent triggers a statutory summary suspension of your driving privileges for six months for a first offense and for one year if you have a prior DUI conviction within the five years. You are entitled to an administrative hearing to oppose the suspension.

Penalties Judges May Impose
At A DUI Sentencing

A first conviction of a DUI is a class A misdemeanor punishable by the following penalties:

  • Revocation of driving privileges for one year if you are 21 years of age or older. If you are younger than 21, the revocation is for two years.
  • Imprisonment for up to one year
  • Fines up to $2,500
  • Mandatory installation and use of an ignition interlock device that requires you to blow into the device to detect the presence of alcohol. The device will not allow the vehicle to be started if it detects alcohol. The device has a camera that captures and stores the taking of the test and the results.

If you are arrested again for a DUI, the severity of the charges and the punishment you will face increase.

For example, a second conviction could subject you to a mandatory jail sentence of five days or 240 hours of community service along with the loss of your license for five years.

A third conviction can be charged as a felony with a prison sentence of three to five seven years and fines up to $10,000.

Client Testimonials

Joe Pioletti helped us win a case with a notorious realty, he was very honest and forthright about the terms of the case. He kept us up to date with the court date and made a great offer on our behalf. We received our settlement in a timely
matter as well! Take a chance with
Pioletti, you won’t regret it!

~ Kyana

Knows exactly what he’s doing. Always available, very knowledgeable, and produced the result I wanted. Joe is the man, I would recommend him to anybody.

~ Jerie

VERY HELPFULL – Joe was very responsive, unflappable, and level-headed. He helped me through an extremely difficult time and sought — and obtained — the outcome I needed. Thank you, Joe!

~ Anonymous

Have Our Bloomington DUI Attorneys Protect Your Rights

Our DUI attorneys in Bloomington & Eureka Illinois are skilled at defending individuals charged with violating the state’s DUI laws. The DUI attorneys at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols will devise a defense strategy that challenges any weaknesses in the prosecution case against you. This might include challenging the accuracy of the chemical test that measured you BAC level, or they might attack the validity of the original stop whether it be in Bloomington, Eureka, Peoria or else where in central Illinois.

Police officers cannot stop you without having reasonable suspicion to believe that you are engaged in some type of criminal activity. Such violations of your rights under the Constitution could form the basis for dismissal of the charges against you.

Consequences of an Illinois
DUI Conviction

Illinois has some of the toughest laws pertaining to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Fines, license suspension, and imprisonment are only some of the consequences a driver could be subjected to following a DUI conviction.

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