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3 Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Published on January 12th, 2021

Personal Injury Lawyer

When a loved one dies suddenly, it may be too much for you to process right away. You may be so wrapped up in your emotions and dealing with the fallout to think about whether or not the death was preventable. As you continue to process your way through it, the thought that someone should be held responsible may become more pervasive, especially with escalating bills. If the person or persons who caused your loved one’s death behaved negligently, you might have a case for wrongful death. Take a look at the top three causes of wrongful death lawsuits.

  1. Car Accidents

Personal injury law centers around the concept of negligence. When one person acts recklessly or fails to act reasonably and causes harm, it falls under personal injury. Wrongful death actions work in the same manner. Most personal injury lawsuits are filed because of car accidents. When a driver breaks the law by speeding, running a traffic control signal, or is intoxicated, they are negligent and responsible for the crash. If your loved one died because of an accident that happened because of the other driver’s negligence, a wrongful death lawsuit is an appropriate way to proceed.

  1. Workplace Injuries

When a worker dies because of an incident that happens on the clock, the employer and their insurer may be on the hook. A company may be found negligent if:

  • They knew a work-hazard existed and did not remedy it
  • They have a policy in place that is contrary to safety standards in the industry
  • They knowingly allow unsafe behavior or standards on the job

Construction accidents are the top cause of injury and death. While some of these incidents are accidental, a large number are preventable.

  1. Medical Malpractice

Doctors, nurses, and hospitals may find themselves defending a wrongful death lawsuit. When a patient dies under the direct care of medical providers, it may rise to wrongful death. Negligence happens in every industry, including the medical field. The reasons for this negligence may include things such as:

  • A failure in diagnosing a condition in time
  • Failing to take appropriate action
  • Dispensing the wrong medication
  • Secondary infection due to unsanitary conditions

When a medical provider is found guilty of negligence, they acted in a way they should not have. The result of this carelessness was the death of your loved one. A wrongful death suit will not bring back your loved one, but it can help ease the financial burden. 


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