Bankruptcy and Credit Ratings: Will Bankruptcy Effect My Credit Rating?

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One of the questions that we receive most often concerns bankruptcy and credit ratings. Clients are often concerned how bankruptcy will affect their credit score. While there is some truth to the statement that bankruptcy and credit ratings are connected, it is often not in the way that most people assume. Most people assume that bankruptcy and credit ratings are tied together because filing bankruptcy lowers your credit score; however, in many cases bankruptcy and credit ratings are linked in a positive way. Filing bankruptcy can actually improve your credit score in as short as a year after the bankruptcy case is completed.

How Do Bankruptcy and Credit Ratings Affect Your Financial Well-Being

Having a good credit rating is essential for having a good financial well-being. A good credit rating allows you to obtain credit at a reasonable interest rate so that you can finance a home, purchase a vehicle or obtain credit in emergencies. When you are struggling to pay your debts because of a financial crisis such as unemployment or a medical emergency, bankruptcy gives you the debt relief you need in order to rebuild your finances as you recover from the financial crisis. Even if your debt problems are the result of poor money management, bankruptcy still gives you a fresh start to begin again with a clean slate.

For most people, by the time they consider filing bankruptcy their credit rating is already damaged due to late payments, over the limit fees and other damaging information on their credit report. Filing a bankruptcy will result in a temporary decrease in your credit score; however, after the bankruptcy case is closed, your credit score will begin to improve. The debts that are discharged should be reported as “zero” on your credit report thereby lowering your outstanding balances. This helps to improve your credit rating. Because you are not required to pay on debts that are discharged through your bankruptcy, you will no longer need to worry about late payments on those accounts. While the late payments in the past will remain on the payment history, as more time passes, those payments will begin to fall off thereby improving your credit score.

For secured debts that you choose to retain, as you continue making payments on time, those payments will help improve your credit rating. Within a year after filing bankruptcy, most people see a slight improvement in their credit rating. As more time passes, your credit rating will continue to improve. The fear of bankruptcy and credit ratings should not keep you from getting the help that you need to resolve your debt problems.

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