How Is Child Support Calculated In Illinois?

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Parents have the responsibility to financially support their children. This obligation does not end with a divorce. Child support is not intended to be a punishment for the parent paying the support nor a reward for the parent receiving the support. Child support is simply a way to meet your child’s financial needs and expenses. Because each family’s financial situation is unique, the amount of support will be calculated based on several factors including the minimum child support guidelines.

The attorneys of Pioletti & Pioletti have represented hundreds of parties with regard to child support issues. If you have questions about how support is calculated, contact our office to schedule a consultation. One of our experienced child support attorneys will discuss your case with you, answer your questions about child support in Illinois and explain what you can expect.

Illinois Child Support Guidelines

Child support is intended to help pay for a child’s food, clothing, shelter, medical care and other basic needs. In order to ensure that parents meet the minimum financial responsibility based on their income, Illinois lawmakers enacted child support guidelines that contain a formula for calculating support. The guidelines state that the parent ordered to pay support will pay a percentage of his or her net income based on the number of children. For example, if you have one child, you will pay 20% of your net income in child support but if you have three children, you will pay 32% of your net income in child support.

Judges have the ability to deviate from the Illinois child support guidelines. If a judge deviates from the child support guidelines, he or she must state the reason for the deviation. Reasons why a judge may deviate from the child support guidelines include:

  • The specific needs of the child;
  • The custodial parent’s resources and financial needs;
  • The non-custodial parent’s resources and financial needs;
  • The physical, educational, emotional and mental needs of the child; and,
  • The standard of living that the child enjoyed prior to the divorce.

Calculating Net Income for Child Support Purposes

In order to determine the amount of support to be paid, the court looks at the net income of the parent who will be paying the child support. Under current Illinois law, net income is defined as “the total of all income from all sources.” However, there are specific deductions that a parent may claim according to the statutes to reduce the net income figure.

Calculating net income for child support purposes can be complex and contested. You need an experienced child support attorney to ensure that you are paying the correct amount of support. Failure to calculate net income correctly could result in you paying more than you are required to pay under the Illinois Child Support Guidelines. As a parent, you should support your child financially; however, you do not need to overpay support.

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