Do I Have To Appear Before A Bankruptcy Judge?

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This is a common question for anyone who is considering filing a bankruptcy case. Filing for bankruptcy relief is a big step; however, it may be the best way to resolve your debt problems. People file bankruptcy for a variety of reasons including unemployment, the loss of a spouse, a failed business, or an unexpected illness. Regardless of the reason why a person may need to file bankruptcy, anxiety about the bankruptcy process is common and understandable, especially the thought of appearing before a bankruptcy judge. It is our job as your bankruptcy attorneys to help make the bankruptcy process less stressful while providing support and guidance during each step of the bankruptcy process.

When Does a Debtor Appear Before a

Bankruptcy Judge?

In most of the bankruptcy cases filed in Illinois, the debtors do not appear before a bankruptcy judge. A bankruptcy judge presides over court hearings; however, most debtors are never required to testify in a court hearing other than the First Meeting of Creditors. The First Meeting of Creditors is presided over by the trustee assigned to the bankruptcy case. The trustee questions the debtor about his or her debts, assets, income, expenses, and financial history. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the First Meeting of Creditors is typically the only hearing that is scheduled in the case.

In a Chapter 13 case, a confirmation hearing is scheduled in order to confirm the debtor’s proposed plan of reorganization. A bankruptcy judge presides over the confirmation hearings; however, very few debtors are required to testify at a confirmation hearing. In most cases, any objections to the proposed plan are settled prior to the confirmation hearing or the attorneys argue questions of law before the judge without the debtor being required to testify. Of course, in some cases, a debtor may need to testify in order to resolve an objection to confirmation. If you are required to testify, our attorneys will prepare you for the hearing to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

Bankruptcy judges also preside over other matters; however, in a typical bankruptcy case, the only two hearings required are the First Meeting of Creditors and the confirmation hearing (in a Chapter 13 case). Depending on your unique financial situation, other hearings may be necessary during your bankruptcy case. Our attorneys discuss the bankruptcy process as it relates to your specific financial situation in further detail during your free bankruptcy consultation.

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