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How Often Can You File for Bankruptcy?

Unless ordered otherwise by a court, there are no limit on the number of times you can file for bankruptcy, but there is a limit on how often your debts can be discharged. If your debts have been discharged already, you often must wait a certain amount of time before debts can be discharged. Whether… Read More »

Is the Probate Process Complicated?

When it comes to managing a deceased’s estate, which is commonly known as the probate process, many people believe that it is complicated and daunting. However, in some instances it can be as simple as just four steps that you can discuss with an estate planning law firm Ridgefield, CT trusts. Probate is the process… Read More »

What is the Probate Process if I Die Intestate?

There are a number of horror stories of the problems that are sure to follow when a loved one dies without a will. Unfortunately, despite this, there are a number of people that still fail to put a will in place before passing away. It can be gloomy to consider your own demise, however, determining… Read More »