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Family Law Counsel Bloomington, IL

Family Law Counsel Bloomington, IL Family Law Counsel Bloomington, IL

If you’re getting divorced and there’s minor children involved, you should speak to family law counsel Bloomington, IL residents trust. The court looks at many factors when deciding on child custody arrangements, and knowing those factors can give you an advantage. Here several things a judge will consider before determining a child custody arrangement.

The Relationship Between a Child and Each Parent

Before determining custody, the court will carefully consider the relationship between a child and each parent. For example, if one parent hasn’t been around for much of the child’s life and the child has a better relationship with the other parent, the judge will most likely award custody to the parent the child has a stronger relationship with. The other parent may receive visitation.

Additionally, if a parent has a criminal record, drug problems or a history of abuse, the judge will likely not award custody to him or her.

Each Parent’s Living Accommodations

As a Bloomington family lawyer can attest, a judge will also look at each parent’s living arrangements before deciding who gets custody. Ideally, a parent should live in a safe neighborhood and have enough room in the home to accommodate the child. The home should also be close to the child’s school, family members and parks. If one parent, for example, is living in a one bedroom apartment, it might not be a suitable environment for a child.

Physical and Mental Health of Each Parent

As family law counsel in Bloomington, IL can confirm, a judge will consider each person’s physical and mental wellbeing during a custody battle. If a parent, for example, has a chronic physical illness, he or she may have a tougher time providing a child with adequate care. In this situation, the judge may award custody to the healthier parent.

Each Parent’s Work Obligations

Although it’s important to be able to provide financially for a child, a parent also has to spend adequate time with that child. If a parent works crazy hours and is rarely home, he or she may not be able to tend to the child’s needs. The judge may favor the parent who has a better work life balance, as he or she will have more time to spend with the child.

Child’s Preference

Many judges will also consider a child’s preferences when determining child custody. To  make the child feel more comfortable, the judge may speak in a less formal tone when asking the child questions. Generally, a judge will put more weight on preferences if a child is 14 or older. 

If you’re going through a child custody battle, schedule a consultation with family law counsel in Bloomington, IL at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols today.

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