The First Things You Should Do After Divorce

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No matter how emotionally ready you think you are: finally getting the notice that your divorce is finalized, can cause a complexity of feelings. In order to get started on your next chapter in the most healthy and productive way possible, we have gone over some of the first things you should do once the divorce is set in stone.


#1 – Make Solid Plans for the Immediate Future

Your daily routine is going to change dramatically. You no longer have to consider what your former partner is doing, or how they want to go about your day together. Every day has a new sense of purpose, which is to do whatever it is you desire. Especially if you do not have children together, this extra time is now yours for the taking. To help prevent you from fearing the uncharted territory, write down a daily schedule for yourself. This schedule can include wake up time, showering, eating a healthy breakfast and attending a museum.


#2 – Have a Moving Company Relocate Your Belongings

Now that the divorce is finalized, you may have to move out or pick up a few last items from your former spouse. Do not add salt to your injury, hire a moving company Washington D.C. recommends to transport these remaining items for you. The less you see your ex, the better off you will be in the long run. A moving company may even offer services to clean up your place at a decent rate. This can be useful in two different scenarios; either to freshen up the home you shared together after your partner leaves, or to start off your new home spic and span.


#3 – Practice Self-Care

Even if you have already begun to move on, there may be wounds and healing that need time to scab over. Be patient and do not rush through this process. Lean on friends and family for help. Travel, pick up new hobbies and treat yourself to some of your favorite things. Now is the time to be gentle with your heart, mind and soul.


#4 – Stay Active and Healthy

Commit to doing regular workouts as a way to release pent up stress. Exercise can be a physical way to vent frustrations and anger. Eat food that is good for your body and practice yoga, meditation or attend a retreat. Taking care of your body will help keep your mood up and self-confidence high.

Life doesn’t always go the way we planned; sometimes changes happen so better things can come around. At this point, you may have heard it all. At the end of the day, doing what you can to take care of yourself following divorce will be important to creating a solid foundation for your new life. Do what you can to keep your head up and do not be afraid to ask for help, or hire someone, to do tasks you cannot complete alone.


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