How to protect your business from slip and fall claims

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Any good business owner knows that they need to do what they can to protect themselves from lawsuits. Being the defendant side of a personal injury claim can be a very expensive process, even if you win the case. The best thing any business owner can do is avoid situations which might lead to lawsuits in the first place.

One of the most common personal injury lawsuits is slip and fall. Because most assume the injuries related to such accidents will be mild, many business owners underplay the importance of slick areas. This is a mistake, as slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries, and can cost the business a large sum in the long term. Not even considering the legal implications, slip and fall accidents are disruptive and do not create a good image for the business.

Considering how avoidable slip and fall accidents are, there is no reason to allow them to happen. The best way for businesses to protect themselves is to ensure that employees are being diligent in identifying, reporting, and eliminating hazards. When risks such as puddles, loose floorboards, or poor housekeeping are recognized, proper steps to neutralize them should be taken immediately. If you do not have the resources to address the issue right away, at least label it so that customers and employees can know to avoid the hazard.

Remember that there is no legal responsibility for you to stop any and all accidents from occurring on your property. Your responsibility according to premises liability is to merely take reasonable action to avoid foreseeable accidents. If the accident is clearly the fault of the person who fell, and there is nothing you could have done to prevent it, then you are safe from being found negligent.

Still, there is no way to stop someone from filing a premises liability claim against you, even if you were not negligent. If you or your business has been named the defendant in a premises liability lawsuit, you need to contact an attorney with skill and experience such as the Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta GA locals trust. Your attorney will be able to analyze the claim and prepare a proper defense to ensure that you won’t have to pay any money that you don’t have to. As premises liability can be a very complex and difficult area of the law, it is crucial to have proper representation on your side so that you can make clear and concise arguments.

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