Identity Theft: The Criminal Charge for Using Someone Else’s Name

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Identity theft is a serious crime that is prosecuted aggressively in the State of Illinois. Under Illinois law, it is a crime to use someone else’s name or personal identification to fraudulently obtain credit, money, goods, services, or other property or commit any felony theft or other felony violation of State law. This also applies to selling, transferring or manufacturing documents with the intent to commit a felony or assist another person to commit a felony using the stolen identity.

In many cases, identity theft is used to obtain credit cards or other sources of credit in someone else’s name or obtaining a driver’s license or other state ID to steal another person’s identity for illegal activities or to avoid being arrested for crimes committed by that person in his or her own name. If you use another person’s name to file bankruptcy, get job, apply for a loan, open a bank account or commit a crime, you can be charged with identity theft.

Penalties for Identity Theft in Illinois

The State of Illinois aggressively prosecutes the crime of identity theft. Penalties for identity theft include both significant jail time and expensive fines. If you have been accused of identity theft, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you prepare a defense to the charges. Most charges of identity theft are felony charges. A felony conviction can seriously affect your future chances of getting a job or finding a home.

Under the current identity theft laws for Illinois, penalties are based on the value of services, credit, goods or cash obtained through identity theft. The fines imposed for all four classes of identity theft do not exceed $25,000 and may or may not be ordered in addition to jail time. The amount of jail time for identity theft increases with the value of the goods, services or credit obtained.

For example, if the value is less than $300, it is a Class 4 felony punishable by a maximum of 3 years in prison but if the value is between $300 and $2,000, the judge can order the defendant to serve up to 5 years in prison. A class 2 felony is one where the value is between $2,000 and $10,000 and carries a maximum prison sentence of 7 years. For a value exceeding $10,000, the possible sentence increases to a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Because you could be facing a potential sentence of up to 30 years in a state prison, you need a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending identity theft charges. Our attorneys are highly-trained and skilled trial attorneys who use their knowledge of the legal system and the criminal code to aggressively defend each client.

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