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Do You Have a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Case? What You Should Know

Published on June 22nd, 2017

Slip and fall accidents are all too common these days and can occur at many different places, such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls and theme parks. While many of these accidents do not result in severe injuries, those that are may require extensive medical care and disability. Let’s take a closer look at premises liability law and how it pertains to slip and fall accidents.

What Is Premises Liability?

All property owners are responsible for keeping their properties safe for other people. If they don’t and a person gets injured on their property, they may be held liable.

Accident Causes

Slip and fall accident can result from a number of situations, such as icy sidewalks, poor lighting and damaged sidewalks. It is also common for these accidents to result from liquid spills on the floor.

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can occur just about anywhere. People have slipped and fell in grocery stores, department stores, parks and even amusement parks.

Proving Liability

If you wish to pursue a slip and fall accident lawsuit, you must be able to prove liability. You must show the court that the owner of the property was careless and responsible for your injuries. To prove liability, you have to prove these elements existed:

  • You were invited to the property
  • The property knew that a hazardous condition existed
  • The property owner didn’t repair the issue
  • Your injuries resulted from the slip and fall accident


If you win your lawsuit, you may be entitled to several types of damages, such as your ambulance bills, doctor’s bills and lost wages. You may also be entitled to pain and suffering damages if your injury has resulted in long-term physical or mental anguish. For example, your slip and fall accident may have caused you to walk with a limp for the rest of your life.

Do not wait to hire a slip and fall lawyer Charlottesville VA trusts to handle your lawsuit. He or she may protect your rights and improve your chances of winning fair compensation. Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you won’t owe any money unless you win your case. During your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer, be prepared to answer several different questions and bring any evidence you have.

MartinWren P.C.Thanks to our friends and contributors from MartinWren P.C. for their insight into slip and fall cases.

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