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Top 10 Situations To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Published on June 24th, 2021

Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are scary, and the physical and emotional aftereffects are often just as alarming. Many people do not get a car accident lawyer such as one from Hall Justice Law Firm involved when they should though. Here are 10 situations in which you should probably give an attorney a call after an accident.

1. Somebody Dies

If the crash causes a fatality, seek legal advice as soon as possible. Determining who is at fault could mean jail time, depending on the circumstances.

2. Someone Is Injured

If anyone sustains any injury beyond general whiplash from the accident, then you should probably call a car accident lawyer, particularly if any of the injuries are serious or life-threatening. 

3. The Accident Involves a Pedestrian

If you hit a pedestrian with your vehicle, then contact legal representation immediately.

4. There Is Disagreement Over Fault

If you and the other individual(s) involved disagree over who is at fault, then you might want a lawyer. Even if it seems very clear to you, a lawyer has a better idea of what to say to convince a judge or jury. 

5. The Police Are Involved

If the police get called, then call a car accident attorney too, just in case.

6. An Exchange of Insurance Never Happens

You may think that you will always make sure to exchange insurance, but unfortunately sometimes this is not the case. Somebody might be transported to the hospital before you can swap information or maybe someone does not have insurance at all. Whatever the reason, contact a lawyer, as this may become an issue later.

7. The Accident Occurs in a Construction Zone

If the vehicular accident happens in a construction zone, have an attorney on standby at the very least. Many construction zone incidents become legal nightmares for those who are not properly prepared.

8. A Business Is Involved

Anytime a business vehicle is involved in a crash, everything is more complicated. Businesses often have more to lose and they will likely get a lawyer involved, so you should too. 

9. The Incident Involves More Than Two Vehicles

If there are three or more vehicles involved in a crash, issues over insurance and fault can be more muddled, so you might want a lawyer to help sort it all out.

10. Something Does Not Feel Right

If you feel like something was “off” about the other person or the circumstances, then contact an attorney. Insurance fraud claims are not uncommon and you need to be ready.

Automobile accidents are no joke and can cost you big. If any of the above can be applied to your incident, then contact a lawyer to prepare for the road ahead after a crash.


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