Can I Use Mouthwash To Avoid a DUI?

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Illinois has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. Our law enforcement officers diligently look for individuals who are driving under the influence and prosecutors routinely seek aggressive sentences for DUI convictions. Because of the severe penalties for a DUI conviction, drivers should avoid a DUI arrest by choosing not to drive when impaired by alcohol. If you choose to drink and drive, you should know that nothing but time will work to sober you up.

Contrary to what you see in movies and television shows, rolling down your windows, drinking coffee, or taking a cold shower will not sober you up any faster. According to George Washington University, any alcohol you drink will “burn off” at the same rate of 0.16 BAC per hour regardless of your size. There is no way to increase this rate. Therefore, you may not be able to avoid a DUI if you consume enough alcohol to be above the legal limit and then drive.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, this does not mean that you are guilty. The DUI lawyers of Pioletti & Pioletti understand the various defense strategies available for fighting a DUI ticket. Contact our office immediately if you have been unable to avoid a DUI charge in Illinois.

Why Doesn’t Mouthwash Work to Avoid a DUI?

There are many myths about how you can avoid a DUI such as eating garlic, eating a raw onion, drinking mouthwash, or chewing tobacco before you drive; however, they are all untrue. Nothing but time will lower your BAC if you have been drinking. Some drivers believe drinking mouthwash before the officer comes to the window will cover up the smell of alcohol to avoid a DUI. While this may cover up an odor of alcohol, mouthwash will not prevent slurred speech, prevent lack of coordination, or lower the concentration of alcohol in your blood. It will not help you pass a field sobriety test and it certainly will not lower your BAC on a breathalyzer or blood test.

In fact, a strong smell of mouthwash may cause the officer to pay closer attention to other clues because he believes you are trying to avoid a DUI by using mouthwash. Furthermore, some brands of mouthwash contain 25% or more alcohol as an ingredient. While it would be almost impossible to raise your BAC level above the legal limit by consuming mouthwash, it certainly does not help your case to consume any additional alcohol before a breathalyzer test. Trying to avoid a DUI after you have been pulled over by law enforcement officers is usually a futile effort.

What does help your case is contacting our office as soon as possible following your DUI arrest. We can help you fight a charge of driving under the influence in Illinois.

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