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Reasons People Can’t Put Down the Phone

distracted driving lawyer Bloomington ILWhen you need an experienced distracted driving lawyer Bloomington Illinois, call Pioletti & Pioletti. Our drunk driving lawyer Bloomington IL has also worked on countless distracted driving cases.

Have you ever been driving and noticed a car veering into traffic, swerving, or drifting into the shoulder? Have you ever looked over to the driver in the lane beside you to notice they are texting or looking down at their phone? This can not only be frustrating for a driver, but it can also be downright terrifying. Drivers who are distracted by their phones can be incredibly unpredictable. Most drivers who are distracted by their cell phones truly believe that they still have control of their vehicle. This is far from true. In fact, distracted driving through cell phone use can be dangerous as it can increase the risk of a car accident. Our distracted driving lawyer Bloomington IL knows all too well how this happens.

If you have been the victim of a car accident at the hands of a person who was distracted by their cell phone, you may be able to hold them responsible for their negligence. Speak with a car distracted driving lawyer Bloomington IL to learn more regarding how you may take action.

Unfortunately, people all over the country are addicted to their cell phones. There are a number of reasons why drivers today may have trouble putting their cell phones away when behind the wheel:

Reason #1 Overconfidence

Many people who choose to regularly use their cell phone behind the wheel have the misconception that they are better drivers than others on the road. Unfortunately, cell phone use has become the norm for many drivers. Aside from using their cell phone for conversation, they may choose to text, send and receive emails, in addition to a number of other abilities a cell phone can provide to people. Most people using their phones behind the wheel believe that they are still able to maintain control of their vehicle while using their phone.

Reason #2 Temptation

There is nothing more tempting for a driver than the ping of their cell phone. Nearly all drivers have been there, your phone is in your purse, cup holder, on the dashboard or sitting on the passenger seat when you hear the ping of a text message or email. Perhaps it’s a text you were waiting for from a friend. The temptation to look at the phone can cause many drivers to give in to temptation.

Reason #3 We Have a Need to Respond

With such instant access to people, many feel the pressure to respond to someone who is trying to contact them right away. Have you ever been driving and noticed a number of text messages from the same person? Because text messages are received by people within seconds of sending them, many have unrealistic expectations of needing a response back quickly. As a result, drivers may feel the need to respond immediately, despite the dangers.

Reason #4 We Can MultiTask

Today’s culture is fast-paced. People are constantly on the go. Because of this, people must multi-task, both in their careers and their personal lives as well. This idea trickles down even for drivers. It’s not uncommon for someone driving to believe that they have the ability to safely send one text message without putting themselves or others at risk. This is a serious misconception held by many.

Significant Risks

According to an article published by Time magazine, more than half of all drivers of a young age reportedly used their phones to text while driving within a thirty day period. Despite the horror stories, anti-cell phone use campaigns, and rise in car crashes from cell phone use, many drivers still continue to use their phones behind the wheel. People still struggle to refrain from cell phone use. As a result, car accidents resulting from distracted driving remains high. Only a skilled distracted driving lawyer Bloomington IL can examine your case and offer the best path forward.

For car accident victims, seeking legal recourse may be not only in your best interest but a way to make the person responsible pay for their actions. A distracted driving lawyer Bloomington IL may be able to help you take the steps necessary to help victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Call Pioletti & Pioletti today.

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