Malicious Prosecution

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Have you ever worked somewhere that you enjoyed so much that you literally took your work home?  I can’t say that I have, but I’m looking forward to that. Anyone who has ever worked anywhere has at some point taken a little piece of work home, be it a pin from your desk, some scrap metal, or maybe just a few doughnuts that didn’t make the cut, is that stealing? Is prosecution warranted for something so trivial?  Most people would probably say no, that’s a steep consequence for something so minute.  Because of the perception, corporate or management may not see it the same way.  Taking something without asking for it is stealing, now if, and, or buts about it, so why would you expect that there’d be no punishment.

Despite the fact that company’s plan for losses on annual basis, there are instances where mistakes are made and people are falsely accused of taking something that the in fact did not take.  The fact of the matter is that situations do arise where even the most caution is taking when getting to the bottom of a situation, errors occur and people are either taken to jail and charged with a crime or even worse, they lose their jobs because of a gung ho manager or supervisor hell bent or “figuring things out”.  For instance, if you have ever been accused of something at work and you were subsequently  arrested, fired from your job, forced to incur legal fees to prove your innocence and was subsequently exonerated and your record cleared, you may have been subjected to malicious prosecution, a form of personal injury.

In any event, speaking with an experienced attorney, like a personal injury lawyer Dekalb County GA trusts, will give you a better idea of what has happened to you, how it was illegal, and how you can get back the integrity you may have lost due to someone else’ rush to judgment.  The individual as well as the company may be on the hook for compensation because like you, your supervisor or manager worked for a company that likely illustrated what your direct supervisor could or could not do without seeking assistance from upper level management, especially if the police get involved.   The specifics of the matter, though foreign to you, make all the sense in the world to the trained eye of a skilled attorney.

An attorney with experience in criminal and personal injury law will be able to apply the specific laws of your state and determine what your legal rights are. No matter what mitigating factors there are in your past, no one deserves to be subjected to jail, undue entry into the penile system, a criminal record, and ridicule by other employees and potential employers.  

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