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Steps After A DUI Arrest

Published on September 20th, 2019

DUI Lawyer

Being stopped by law enforcement may already be nerve wracking for most

people. What is considered worse, is being arrested when you are stopped. There

are certain steps that should be taken when you are faced by police officers and

even worse, arrested. Being arrested for driving under the influence brings on an

entirely different set of issues and you will need all defenses available to you at

this time. It is expected for you to have several questions and concerns roaming

through your mind, so it is important that you know what to do following your

arrest for driving under the influence (DUI).


Typically, once an offender is taken down to the city or county jail after being

arrested for a DUI, a chemical test should be taken. Whether or not you believe

you passed the field sobriety test when you were stopped, your blood alcohol level

may make all of the difference in your case. Refusing a blood test will cause more

harm than good in building your defense.


DUI cases can be very difficult, and every little detail can either help or hurt you.

Once things have settled at the jail, it is best to contact a criminal defense

attorney that specializes in DUI cases in the city the offense took place. For the

best results, you will need an attorney.


If bail is available in your case and you do not have funds readily available,

contact a bail bondsman. Once your bail is posted, you are free to be released

from jail and are required to appear at any court hearings pursuant to your case.

If you fail to do so, while there will be a warrant issued for your arrest and the

bondsman you owed your word to may come to find you also.


DUI laws vary from state to state and this is why you need to contact an attorney

as soon as possible. Your attorney will ensure that a hearing is scheduled with the

department of motor vehicles. This is where the courts decide your driver’s

license restrictions, if any. Without this hearing, a suspension goes on your

driver’s license.


Once you take your chemical test, are released from jail, and have had your

hearing for your license, it is time to enter a plea in court. With the right attorney,

you can fight a DUI case without serving jail time. Therefore, you should not

enter a guilty plea. Challenge the charge and fight for yourself. Speak with a

skilled Dekalb County DUI lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.


Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into criminal defense and DUI arrests.

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