Accidental Shooting

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Guns are a controversial topic in America, but regardless of your political stance on them they are a reality and a feature of many homes. Many Americans own guns for either home defense or sport, and do so safely. Still, every gun owner must be aware of the responsibilities that come with having the weapon, because when an accident does happen it can carry immense consequences including significant injuries and death. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that many of the victims of accidental shootings are children who find a loaded gun and don’t know how to properly handle it, as any skilled personal injury or criminal defense attorney Decatur GA relies on can explain.

Being the victim of an accidental shooting or losing a loved one to an accidental shooting is a heart breaking and confusing experience. In most situations, it can also be an expensive one as medical bills and costs of recovery become a burden on an already stressed family. Though gun laws vary widely by state, general speaking there may be a legal path to receive compensation for these damages from the person who is responsible for the injuries.

If the accidental shooting was caused by the negligence of the gun owner, civil courts will likely allow for the victims to be compensated for the medical expenses and other financial burdens that resulted. For the gun owner to be found negligent, they must have acted recklessly or carelessly in the way they handled their gun. For example, a gun owner would be negligent if they left a loaded gun on the coffee table while a child is visiting the house and the child injured themselves with the gun. Another example of negligence might be if the gun owner decided to shoot targets in their backyard without regard for the people and property which are next door.

After an accidental shooting, it is a good idea to contact a skilled personal injury attorney in your area. An attorney will be able to look at the factors of the shooting and help determine if you have a legitimate path towards receiving compensation for the damages caused by the gun owner’s negligence. As most personal injury attorney receive no pay in advance but rather a portion of the settlement they obtain for their clients, there is nothing to lose in contacting an experience attorney and making sure you receive both the representation and the compensation that you deserve.

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