How Do I Modify My Alimony Support Payment?

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Divorce Lawyers Alimony, or spousal support as it’s sometimes called, is a provision given to an ex-spouse after a marriage has dissolved. State laws vary, but generally, alimony is given for a specified time frame to help the ex-spouse get their financial bearings after a divorce. To modify an alimony support order, it generally takes… Read More »

Thinking About Custody of Embryos

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  Family Lawyer Bloomington, IL There is usually a great deal of hope that surrounds the process of creating embryos for use in fertility treatments. Hope is important. Hope is powerful and arguably necessary during fertility treatment. But it is also important that individuals carefully consider the legal ramifications of the embryo creation process. While… Read More »

Differences Between Marriage and Cohabitation

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Family Lawyers Bloomington, IL Many people believe that living together, or cohabitating seems like a logical step before deciding to get married or when skipping marriage altogether. If it does not work out, they part ways and that’s that, right? It is not that simple if you have been together for any length of time… Read More »

Child Custody Arrangements in Illinois: What if my partner and I disagree?

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Negotiating who gets to spend time with the children on a continuous schedule can be a very stressful time for either parent. Determining who gets the children on birthdays, holidays, and special events can be taxing. While arrangements need to be made in advance in order to provide stability for the children, it is possible… Read More »

Can I Own A Gun If I Have a Protective Order Against Me?

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The Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 establishes severe penalties for anyone convicted of domestic violence. According to domestic violence law, abuse includes both physical and emotional abuse. It is also considered abuse to harass, threaten, or force someone to do something against his or her will. The law is designed to be broad so… Read More »