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Common Questions About Vehicle Safety Systems

Published on February 5th, 2020

Vehicle safety systems can certainly play a helpful role when you get behind the wheel to drive from one destination to the next. However, despite the advantages, it’s important to be aware that you can’t rely fully on a vehicle safety system to prevent an accident. If you are considering a vehicle with this feature, you may be wondering whether they are worth it. Additionally, if you have been in a car accident, chances are you will have a number of questions regarding the process moving forward. For the answers to the many questions you will likely have, contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

What is a vehicle safety system?

Many cars today offer vehicle safety systems or features that could help in the event of a car crash. With so many hazards and distractions faced by drivers today, vehicle safety systems are advantageous to mitigating the risk of a car crash. Over the years, these features have become more readily available to consumers who are looking to have a safer way to travel. In some vehicles, they are even a standard feature. 

What are common features of a vehicle safety system that may help to prevent accidents?

Every year vehicle’s safety systems only improve. At one time, many of these features were only available on luxury vehicles. Today, they are available on SUVs, trucks and cars. Common features include:

  • Back Up Cameras
  • Parking Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Autobrake
  • Lane Departure Warning

Are all newer cars equipped with vehicle safety systems?

While not all of these systems come standard on newer vehicles, many new cars often offer them as an option to add on when purchasing.

Why is it so important that I seek medical care following an accident?

Seeking medical care soon after an accident is essential to making sure that you receive the medical treatment you deserve. Failing to do so could be disastrous, resulting in more significant injuries, some of which could be fatal. Because adrenaline will be running high immediately after an accident, your body’s natural pain response may be impacted. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to obtain medical clearance from a doctor. If you notice pain days after the accident, seek care immediately. Not only does medical care help to ensure you receive critical medical treatment, it can help tie the injuries sustained to the accident that you were in. 

Is it necessary that I contact a car accident lawyer if I am seeking damages? Can I pursue the process on my own?

Many people do not want the added expense of legal fees in the event they decide to take legal action following a car accident. While in minor situations it may make sense to represent yourself, much of the time you may want to consider at least meeting with a car accident lawyer. Working with a professional can not only help you stay ahead of the process, they may be able to organize the process, relieve the stress you may be under and help to maximize your settlement offer through negotiation. Working with a lawyer can take the guesswork out of the legal process.  

Although vehicle safety systems can certainly help to mitigate an accident, they won’t prevent them altogether. If you have been in a car accident, the last thing you want is to wait too long to take action. By doing so, you put yourself at risk for obtaining a settlement that is less than fair, or worse, receiving a denial of your claim altogether. For more information about the most appropriate way to move forward with your case, speak with a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN soon after your accident. 

Thanks to Darrell Castle & Associates for their insight into personal injury claims and common vehicle safety questions.

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