I have lost my job, how could this affect me having to pay child support?


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Losing your job can be highly stressful, especially when you have children and are paying child support to your ex spouse, as a child support lawyer in Bloomington, IL can attest. If you’ve been unemployed for a lengthy period of time you may be concerned about your ability to continue paying child support. In general, even if you lose your job, a child support order remains in effect. This means legally you are still obligated to make payments. There are special circumstances however, that can temporary change child support payments. The following is basic information that may help you to understand what happens in the event of losing your job and having to pay child support. If you have any further questions, you should consult a child support lawyer in Bloomington, IL.

Child Support Payments After Losing a Job

As a Bloomington, IL child support lawyer can explain, just because you are unemployed does not mean you no longer have to pay child support. First you should find out if you qualify for unemployment. If so, you may need to notify the unemployment office of the child support order, and whether you are behind. They may automatically deduct the support payments from your unemployment and give this money directly to the custodial parent.

When You Are Ineligible for Unemployment

If you are not eligible for unemployment, it is recommended to contact a Bloomington, IL child support lawyer or the family court to let them know what is going on. You should document your job search to confirm your effort in looking for employment. Once you are working again, you may need to start paying on back child support via check, or directly from your wages. If possible, you should consider increasing the child support payments for a period of time so you can cover any owed dues.

Health Benefits for Your Child While Being Unemployed

In general the non custodial parent is required to pay for the child’s health insurance. If you lose your job, you will also lose your insurance; however, you may be able to continue your coverage through a program called COBRA. This program is not subsidized and it can be costly. For some unemployed parents, paying this bill while unemployed is not going to be possible. In this situation, you should talk with the custodial parent. He or she might consider adding the child to their own insurance policy. If this is not an option, there are federally funded programs for children that could be an ideal solution.

Securing a Child Support Modification

If you’re not working and unable to cover your basic living needs and pay child support at the same time, your best option might be to file a modification order. Ideally, you and your ex spouse will have come to an agreement regarding the current situation. If this is possible, it should be put into writing and signed by a Family Court judge. If an agreement cannot be made, you will need to attend a hearing where you will explain to the judge that you have lost your job and would like to modify the current child support agreement. A modification can be temporary or permanent depending on the circumstances. If job loss is a factor, it is more likely that the modification will be temporary.

Unemployment is not easy for either parent. If you’re facing challenges because you have lost your job and cannot pay child support, it is advisable to talk with a child support lawyer in Bloomington, IL from Pioletti & Pioletti.


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