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The New Concealed Carry Law in Illinois

Published on January 27th, 2014

Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols Concealed Carry Illinois

In 2013 Illinois became the final state in the country to authorize some form of concealed carry of a firearm. Effective January 5th 2014, people 21 years of age who have completed the required 16 hours of training can begin applying for a permit. As recently as early January 2014 the wording of the new law was still taking shape, and no doubt there will be many court cases in the coming years that will continue to define it.

One question many people have is where people will be allowed to conceal and carry their firearms. The answer is any area not specifically prohibited by the law. The Concealed Carry Act of Illinois designates 23 prohibited areas. In addition, business owners may designate themselves as no carry zones by displaying a sign near the entrance of the building.

Here is a summary of the 24 specifically prohibited places where people may not carry.

  1. On high school property.
  2. On pre-school or a child care facility property.
  3. On Illinois government property not including property regulated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
  4. On property designated for matters before a circuit, appellate, or the Supreme Court.
  5. On property under the control of a unit of local government (fire station, road maintenance facility, water treatment plant, etc.)
  6. On jail or juvenile detention facility property.
  7. On public or private hospital property.
  8. On public transportation property and associated parking areas.
  9. On property under the control of a business that gets more than 50% of its revenues from the sale of alcohol (bars).
  10. On property where the public gathers or there is a special event (town fair).
  11. On property where a Special Event Retailer’s License to sell alcohol has been issued.
  12. On a public playground.
  13. On any public park, athletic area, or athletic facility under the control of a municipality or park.
  14. On any property under the control of the Cook County Forest Preserve District.
  15. On any university related property.
  16. On any Illinois gaming property (casino, off-track betting, etc.)
  17. On any stadium or real property of a collegiate or professional sporting event.
  18. On any public library.
  19. On any airport.
  20. On any amusement park.
  21. On any zoo.
  22. On any museum
  23. On any nuclear power plant property.
  24. On any property where firearms are otherwise prohibited by federal law (post office).

DISCLAIMER: The material provided in this article is meant to be informative. It is in no way constitutes legal advice on the subject matter. If you have a legal question consult with an attorney.

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