Do Not Seal Your Fate for a Drug Possession Charge

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Drug Charge Lawyer 

America’s judicial system has battled the effects of drugs for many, many years. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of citizens are in jail, due to a drug possession conviction. Punishments for the crime can range in severity, but either way, the person will now have a mark on their record for the offense. Those who have been arrested for drug possession, must get help from a defense attorney. A person who shows up for the court hearing representing themselves, may be sealing their fate with heavy fines and jail time. An attorney can create a defense strategy and advocate for your behalf in court.

Q: What are the consequences of a drug possession conviction?

A: Drug possession is defined as having known of and exercised control of an illicit drug in enough quantities to violate a local, state, or federal law. An attorney can provide information as to what laws apply to the area where your arrest occurred. The potential consequences for a drug possession conviction can entail fines, probation, losing driver’s license, tarnished reputation, difficulty getting hired, and imprisonment. This conviction is likely to follow the accused for a very long time, and can make it challenging for them to get ahead in life.

Q: What if this was my first offense?

A: A first-time drug possession offense may come along with less severe punishments, compared to those who are repeat offenders. However, there are other factors that can contribute to the repercussions faced. For example, the consequences are probably going to be steeper if you have a history of other criminal activity, had a large quantity in your possession, and/or there was proof of intent to sell.

Q: What types of defense strategies may an attorney implement?

A: Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, there are a few different strategies an attorney may recommend. Those who have been arrested must be honest with their attorney, so an appropriate defense can be implemented. The most common defense strategies used for drug possession charges can include:

  • Unlawful Search and Seizure: an officer is permitted to search and confiscate drugs or paraphernalia that is within obvious sight. Drugs that were taken after unlawfully searching a vehicle, home, or office, may not be used in the courtroom against the accused.
  • Crime Lab Analysis: an attorney may request that the drugs confiscated are tested by a crime lab, to determine whether or not the sample is, in fact, an illicit substance. The charge may be dropped if the drugs found had gotten lost in the shuffle while processing the accused’s arrest.
  • Not Owner of Drugs: a drug charge lawyer Rockville, MD relies on may use the defense that the accused was not aware of and did not own the drugs found in the home, apartment, office, or somewhere else. This defense may be used in situations where the drugs were found in an area where another person could have easily visited and left substances behind without the accused knowing.

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