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Understanding Child Support & Child Custody

Published on September 8th, 2022

When two people decide to separate or divorce, matters surrounding child support and child custody or not only among the most important, they are often incredibly contentious. This is often because parents are now required to share time with their children and make critical decisions over who will be required to pay child support. 

Child Custody Arrangements

One of the most critical next steps is deciding how parents will share time with their children. There are many agreements that parents can reach, but it’s essential to know that parents can tailor these agreements to work in the best interest of their children. Some of the most common types of child custody arrangements are:

  • Legal Custody
  • Joint Custody
  • Physical Custody
  • Sole Custody

It’s possible to develop agreements, but parents must make arrangements in the children’s best interest when doing so. 

Child Support

Child support is a payment made from one parent to another to cover the financial need of the children. The idea of child support can feel like financial hardship. Still, it’s essential to be aware that child support is in place to ensure that the child’s standard of living is maintained even though their parents are divorcing or no longer together. Child support is intended to cover:

  • Living expenses such as:
    • Food
    • Shelter
    • Housing
  • Reduce the financial impact that divorce can have on the child
  • Provide financial assistance for education expenses and extracurricular activities
  • Medical Costs

Matters that pertain to child support and custody are challenging to develop decisions around, and negotiations will play a critical role when developing agreements. Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols has the necessary experience for families requiring legal guidance when they need it most. To learn more about the services offered by our firm, schedule a consultation with our Bloomington family lawyer as soon as possible. 

Reasons to Consider Legal Representation

Bloomington family lawyers have the necessary experience when dealing with domestic issues where children are involved. When two people, who share a child, are no longer in a relationship, critical decisions need to be made. At times, these decisions can be difficult to come to terms with; this is because the idea of sharing and caring for children that you once spent all of your time with is challenging to contend with. In addition to child custody, child support is another necessary factor that needs to be considered. Parents must ensure that children still receive the best possible care regardless of their parent’s relationship status. While ending a relationship and sharing custody of children can be difficult, it’s an appropriate next step when two people no longer want to be in a relationship with one another. Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols has the necessary experience for families who require representation during what is likely to be a difficult time. 

Issues that involve families are quite intimate, and as a result, the process of making child support and child custody arrangements is profoundly personal and highly emotional. As a result, it’s possible for negotiations involving child custody and child support to become highly litigious. Family law is far-reaching, and for parents who are no longer together and sharing children, there are vast areas that will need to be covered when developing agreements. Managing the process will require a Bloomington, Illinois family lawyer because they can assist with: 

  • Keeping client’s rights at the forefront
  • Support with negotiating agreements to prevent costly litigation
  • To ensure that any questions regarding the process are answered
  • Answer legal questions and provide sound recommendations for moving forward

When two people no longer wish to be in a relationship with one another, sorting out plans for children is one of the most contentious components of the process. While making child custody and support arrangements can often become litigious, it’s possible to develop agreements for moving forward without the need for costly and lengthy court battles. Despite this, clients must put themselves first, which is exactly what a lawyer can provide support with.

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