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DIVORCE LAWYER BLOOMINGTON ILAt Pioletti & Pioletti, you can feel confident about working with a divorce lawyer Bloomington IL respects. Senior partner Don B. Pioletti Jr. has practised law for more than four decades. His son Joe Pioletti has joined him at Pioletti & Pioletti. Our attorneys focus on several areas of litigation including family law. If you have questions or concerns about the legal process and divorce, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Making Agreements and Finalizing Your Divorce

It can take a number of years of marital discord before a couple finally reaches the determination that they should separate. By the time many couples reach this point, they are no longer on amicable terms by any means. Most divorcing couples are at odds, making it a primary reason for them to end their marriage. Unfortunately, in divorce, both the stakes and emotions are high. While it may be difficult to picture your life without the person you once loved and cherished, contending with the division of the life you had together can be all-consuming.

The Separation Period
It can be hard to come to the realization that your marriage is headed for divorce. In some cases, the decision to divorce may have come from one person in the relationship. Regardless, you’ll both have to spend time considering what a divorce will mean for you. If there are children involved, you will also have to sort out how you will support them during this emotionally troubling time.

For some, it is a good idea to have a period of separation before the divorce. This can help you determine if divorce is the right path. Finalizing a divorce can take time, especially if you’re not entirely prepared for all the decisions you will have to make. Some states require a couple to wait anywhere from 6-12 months before a divorce can be finalized. A divorce lawyer can guide you through this process and ensure that your divorce is finalized as quickly as possible.
Dividing the Life You Shared
Whether you have been together for 5 years or 25 years, you and your partner shared your lives together. This means there will probably be considerable affairs to sort through and divide. The process can become heated very quickly, especially if you and your partner are not in agreement over who should get what. Often, couples can get stuck when it comes to dividing:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Care and custody of children
  • The house and other properties
  • Valuable household items
  • Vehicles
  • Pets

The reality is that your belongings and assets might not be divided equally, but the courts emphasize that dividing assets fairly is what matters. A good way to begin the process is by putting together a list of all the assets you share and all the assets you own separately. An experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer, such as one from Pioletti & Pioletti, can help you through every step of the divorce proceedings.

When you make the decision to divorce, there is much to sort out. A divorce lawyer in Bloomington IL can help answer the plethora of questions you surely have regarding the process.

What happens if you change your mind about getting a divorce?
It’s not uncommon for couples who are in the process of getting a divorce may have second thoughts about ending their marriage. Whether or not you are working with a Bloomington divorce lawyer, it’s possible that you want to call off the divorce. Can this be done? Under most circumstances yes, but let’s take a closer look at the legal proceeding for a firm answer.

Before the Divorce Paperwork is Filed with the Court
When two people are going through a rough time relationship-wise, they may decide to get divorced. However, sometimes making this decision relieves enough tension and stress that it enables reconciliation between the spouses. At that point, they may decide to call off the divorce. Because the divorce paperwork has not yet been filed with the court, it’s a simple matter of not moving forward with the proceedings. However, if you have already hired a divorce lawyer in Bloomington IL, you may need to pay whatever agreed upon fees were previously arranged. It’s possible that you may be able to negotiate a lesser fee based on services not provided, but that can depend on the attorney and your agreement with him or her.

After the Divorce Paperwork is Filed with the Court
If the paperwork has already been filed, the case must be resolved one way or another to prevent the languishing of paperwork within the court system. This does not mean that you have to complete the divorce process. Instead, the divorce lawyer Bloomington IL spouses recommend from Pioletti & Pioletti can request the court to halt the divorce proceeding. Alternately, he can file a motion to dismiss the divorce case. In either scenario, you or your spouse may have to pay the court filing fee which is not refundable. It is not necessary to explain to the court why you do not want to continue with the divorce proceedings. If you change your minds again in the future and decide to get a divorce after all, you may then have to start the process over from the beginning.

At the End of the Divorce Proceeding
If you and your spouse change your mind about divorcing toward the end of the process, it is more challenging. When a divorce lawyer has already filed the divorce settlement with the judge, he or she must request the court not to rule on it. If the judge has already approved it and entered the divorce decree into the record, the divorce is for all intents and purposes complete. A divorce lawyer from our legal team may advise you as to any additional legal options you may have under the circumstances.

Pioletti & Pioletti
When considering how and if you want to end your marriage, you have legal options. Look to Pioletti & Pioletti if you are in need of a divorce lawyer Bloomington IL offers and call (309) 467-3213 to request a consultation.

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