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Divorce Lawyer Bloomington IL

What you Need to Know When Facing a Divorce


If you are facing a divorce, you may want to consult with an experienced Bloomington family lawyer. At Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols, we have extensive experience handling divorce cases and we know how emotionally draining the procedure can be. We want to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case so that you can move onto better things in life.

Along with trials and tribulations of a divorce, you might also be struggling to deal with the financial hardship, spousal disagreements, and lengthy legal process. Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols is there to help families get through these hard times as quickly and efficiently as possible. Guided by professionalism, experience, and compassion, we aim to give you peace of mind every step of the way. As a Bloomington family lawyer, we understand the various factors that encompass divorce. For decades we have maintained an exceptional track record of courtroom successes in Bloomington and Eureka. Our services are extensive and include:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • High net worth or high profile divorce
  • Child custody, visitation, and financial support
  • Division and valuation of marital property
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Paternity actions
  • Filing and responding to a petition for dissolution
  • Enforcement of family law orders

If you would like to know more about our legal services, please contact a family lawyer in Bloomington IL from Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols.

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

No two divorces are the same. Some may take months to complete while others may take years. How long your divorce takes may depend on several different factors, such as your state’s mandatory waiting period, the amount of conflict in your divorce and the complexities of your divorce.

In order to speed up a divorce, you may want to hire a skilled family lawyer in Bloomington IL as soon as possible and get the process started. Gather all the necessary documents your lawyer asks for, such as financial documents, and follow his instructions. You may also consider having a mediation, where you and your ex-spouse meet with a mediator to discuss and resolve your issues. This way, you can settle your case fairly quickly and will not have to wait months for a trial.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of a divorce, so the cost is different for everyone. The more contested your divorce, the more expensive the divorce will likely be. If you and your ex-spouse can’t agree to certain terms of your divorce, such as custody of your children or division of assets, the more you may rely on a Bloomington family lawyer throughout the process.

During your initial consultation with a Bloomington family lawyer, he can review your individual case and determine the approximate amount you can expect to spend on your divorce.

Alternatives to Divorce

Under special circumstances, getting a divorce may not be the best option. When this holds true, there are two alternatives which a Bloomington family lawyer may recommend. These include annulment and legal separation.

An annulment can be initiated by the man or woman and is only appropriate when there are legitimate doubts about the validity of a marriage. For this to exist, at least one of the following should be present:

  • Bigamy
  • Forced consent
  • Fraud
  • Marriage prohibited by law
  • Mental illness
  • Mental incapacity
  • Inability to consummate the marriage
  • Underage marriage

Legal separation may be an option when the requirements for divorce cannot be met, to keep certain benefits, or for religious reasons. In general, both of these alternatives will be dependent upon the state laws as well as your own personal circumstances. Because of this, it will be in your best interest to further speak with a Bloomington family lawyer about your potential options.

Why May It Be Important to Hire a Lawyer?

No divorce is easy, but you can simplify the process and reduce stress by hiring an experienced Bloomington family lawyer. He may help you fill out all the paperwork, obtain a fair settlement, and make sure your rights are protected. Your lawyer may also mediate arguments between you and your ex-spouse and prevent you from making any rash decisions. For example, if you consider taking a less than favorable settlement just to get the divorce over as quickly as possible, your lawyer may advise you against it and explain why it may be in your best interest to fight for a better settlement.

During your first consultation with a divorce lawyer, do not hesitate to ask him questions about his education and experience, such as:

  • Where did you attend law school?
  • How long have you been handling divorce cases?
  • How much time do you expect to dedicate to my case?
  • Do you foresee any complications that may prolong my divorce?

Asking a lawyer these questions can help you determine if he is the right person to handle your divorce case.

Our Commitment to Clients

As a law firm established in 1938, Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols has garnered a reputation to be proud of. We value our clients and are prepared to provide the utmost attention and support required to ease their minds. We firmly believe that no two cases are the same and we take time to understand each one in order to find the best solutions. When you retain a Bloomington family lawyer, you will not only receive invaluable legal support, but also assistance in moving on with your life in a positive light. With this mindset, we help clients to become empowered in protecting their rights as well as emotions, thereby getting them through a challenging experience.

Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols: A Bloomington Family Lawyer You Can Depend On

Fulfilling clients’ needs is of the utmost importance, and Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols will stop at nothing to secure the results our clients are looking for. For more information, contact an experienced Bloomington family lawyer at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols today.

Myths about Divorce Mediation

Very few people enjoy going to court. When divorce becomes a reality, some people make the choice to go through divorce mediation instead of family court. However, despite its increasing popularity, there are still many pervasive myths floating around about the mediation process. It is important to set the record straight so that you can make an informed choice about which process may be right for you.

Myth: The mediator is there to mediate your disputes about your marriage.

Technically, this is false. A divorce mediator is a professional, often a family lawyer but not always, who has training in dispute resolution and will use it to help you work out a settlement. They are, in a nutshell, not ‘that’ kind of mediator – they are not therapists or couples’ counselors. Mediators are there to step in if you and your spouse are not able to come to an agreement on certain divorce-related issues – for example, asset disposition, child custody, and spousal support or alimony.

Myth: Mediation is binding and is biased in favor of the wife, as are the courts.

False. While mediation is a collaborative process, you have no obligation to agree to anything. It is typically in both of your best interests to try and reach agreements to save time and money, but if you are genuinely unsatisfied, you are not bound in any way. Incidentally, the idea that divorce courts are biased in favor of women is also generally without foundation, as multiple studies have shown.

Myth: Mediators don’t have to be certified, so they don’t know what they’re doing.

This is half true. Mediators in many states are not required to be certified or licensed. However, this does not mean that they do not know what they are doing. Mediators do not survive in business without a strong grasp of their state’s divorce law and significant training. Most mediators also adhere to the Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation, which helps to guarantee uniform results.

Myth: Mediation is always the best possible way to go.

False. While mediation can be beneficial for many couples, it is not a good option for couples who are at odds. Mediation is designed for couples who are able to tolerate each other’s presence, and constructively discuss options for the future. If there have been domestic violence or anger issues in the family past, mediation is likely not the best option – a total inability to agree on anything will be the likely result, with the attendant loss of time and money.

A Bloomington Family Lawyer Can Help in Mediation

While an attorney is not required if you decide to pursue divorce mediation, it can help, or if you decide that the traditional courtroom path is best for you, a good attorney can make all the difference. An experienced Bloomington family lawyer at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols can help you decide what approach will suit you and your family best. Contact our office today to discuss your options.

Divorce Can Be Messy

After partnering with someone for a number of years, you’ve decided to call it quits. It can be difficult to make such a weighty decision. Divorce can be daunting, especially when it comes to figuring out how assets will be split and child custody will be shared. Because of this, many couples ignore the problems that may be right in front of them. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to get along through the divorce process, things can get contentious fairly quickly. Retaining a divorce lawyer from Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols may be helpful when it comes to the long road you may have to face before your divorce is finalized.

Reasons for Divorce

When two people who love each other, make the decision to marry, the last thing they are likely to consider is the fact that it could end in divorce. Because of this, ending a marriage can be easily put off. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that the marriage may be over. Here are some of the primary reasons a couple may choose to end their marriage:

  • Financial reasons can be a primary driver for marital discord. Some have differences in how they spend money and save it. It can create serious issues in people’s relationships.
  • Extramarital affairs can create distrust, hard feelings, and other serious problems in a relationship. While some are able to successfully move through this relationship hardship, it can also mean the end for many couples.
  • Domestic violence and abuse is never a safe situation for someone to be in.
  • You and your partner are no longer physically intimate with one another
  • You no longer get along. Constant arguing or breakdowns in communication can get in the way of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner are constantly arguing and unable reach agreements with one another, it may be time to end the relationship. Constant conflict with a partner is not only bad for you, it can also impact your children.

Divorces are not only contentious, they come with a significant amount of emotions as well. The process can be difficult to endure without a skilled Illinois divorce attorney to represent you.

Our Services

We offer stand out legal services in the Bloomington IL area for those considering ending their divorce. Divorce can be time-consuming, emotionally draining, and stressful. Our services will allow you to feel confident that you are partnering with a law firm capable of keeping your best interests at the forefront:

  • We will clearly outline each step as we move through the divorce process. You will always feel prepared and supported throughout.
  • We will provide you with regular updates regarding the status of your case
  • We will work efficiently to finalize your divorce as quickly as we can.
  • You will always be able to reach a member of Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols when you have questions or are needing to connect regarding your case.
  • Negotiate a divorce agreement that you feel satisfied with.

The life you once knew has changed significantly. It will take time to become accustomed to your new way of living. If you have children, they will also require time to heal. Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols can manage your divorce with care during what is sure to be a time riddled with many unknowns. Call us today to set up a consultation with a divorce lawyer Bloomington IL clients recommend.

What Common Divorce Missteps Should I Try to Avoid?

When either one or both members of a married couple determine that divorce is the healthiest option moving forward, that decision generally becomes the most significant force in the lives of both individuals. For a time, the very act of choosing to divorce is so stunning that it eclipses any practical actions that divorcing entails. As a result, it is important to take some time to process the significance of the decision to divorce before becoming too overwhelmed by physical, practical and legal concerns. Dismissing the emotional consequences of divorce at the beginning of the process can lead to emotional decision-making down the road.

Successfully navigating the legal aspects of divorce requires a clear head. As a result, it is important to not only pay attention to your emotional responses to your current situation, it is important to outline your goals and intentions for your divorce overall relatively early in the process. Having concrete goals to focus on will help you “keep your eyes on the prize” when it becomes easy to get bogged down by the emotional weight of this transition. Many divorce processes end up being far more expensive and delayed than they need to be because those involved are making decisions based on emotions rather than their objective ultimate goals. If you want a relatively inexpensive and efficient divorce, consider speaking with a Bloomington, IL divorce lawyer early and often about your goals, your priorities and about any areas in which you may or may not be willing to compromise.

Staying Informed

One of the most effective safeguards against divorce-related missteps is staying informed. If you ask your Bloomington, IL divorce lawyer questions about everything from property division to social media use during divorce, you will be able to make informed decisions. For example, if you ask how you should be handling your social media accounts at this time, your attorney will likely tell you about how your posting habits may be used as evidence in court. If you ask about what kinds of property will be treated separately and jointly by the court, you will be able to begin processing how your finances will change in the wake of your marital dissolution. During divorce, knowledge really is power.

Guidance Is Available from a Bloomington, IL Divorce Lawyer

If you have questions or concerns about the divorce process, please consider connecting with an experienced divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL. Just as every marriage is different, every divorce process is different as well. As a result, there are few “hard and fast” rules that couples may be able to take for granted in regards to their divorce processes. Speaking with an experienced Bloomington, IL divorce lawyer will not only allow you to avoid common missteps and mistakes, doing so will empower you to make informed decisions moving forward. The transition from married life to single life is not always an easy one to navigate. Requesting a consultation with a divorce lawyer Bloomington, IL, like the team at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols, will allow you access to the legal support and guidance you almost certainly need at this time.


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