When a Parent Refuses to Write a Will

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An estate planning lawyer can tell you that it’s not unusual for people to avoid writing a will. This is true even among elderly who have a shorter life expectancy than someone who is decades younger. For many, the thought of writing a will is stressful and scary because it causes them to think of their eventual death. Despite the fact that everyone dies eventually, most people do not want to dwell on this. However, without a will in place when one passes away, it can create additional problems for their loved ones they leave behind. We understand how writing one’s will can be anxiety provoking and so we do our best to make the process as easy as possible for all involved. If one or both of your parents is reluctant to write a will, the following insight may be helpful to you and your loved ones.


Cost Concerns


If your parent tells you they do not want to write their will because going to a lawyer is too expensive, you can offer to pay for the estate planning services. As with any other profession, rates vary from firm to firm, and some charge a flat rate while others charge by the hour for certain legal services. Call us to discover how affordable estate planning is, and the tax advantages that one can ensure for their heirs with the help of an estate planning lawyer.




As mentioned, our legal team is compassionate and understanding of the fears that many have when it comes to planning their estate. We encourage elders to come into our offices to sit down with an estate planning lawyer to learn how valuable a will can be for the entire family. During a free consultation, we can explain how leaving a will can provide peace of mind and how painless we can make the process. We can also discuss additional estate planning tools that offer tax savings and other advantages. If they wish to follow up with us to plan their estate we will welcome them but there is no pressure on your parent during this free consultation.




Very likely, even if your parent does not own a significant amount of assets in terms of dollar value, they probably have a number of sentimental items that are close to their heart. They may wish to pass these items on to specific and various family members and friends. However, without a will in place, and during the time of grief and emotional chaos post-death, it can be a confusing time. In the absence of a will, it can be impossible to make sure each of their assets goes to the right person.


Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer Who Cares


In the event that you need an attorney, like a wills and trusts lawyer Scottsdale AZ relies on, do not hesitate to contact one to make sure you are in the best position to tackle your case.


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