Bankruptcy Basics: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

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No one is immune to financial troubles, and an onslaught of unexpected events can turn even the most responsible consumer’s finances on their head. While other options, such as debt settlement and consolidation exist; for some, filing for bankruptcy might be the only way out of a tough situation. Once an individual has filed for… Read More »

Cheated by a Landlord over a Security Deposit?

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Security Deposit Return

When it comes to security deposits many landlords simply don’t get it. They consider it their own money as soon as they receive it at the beginning of a lease. They think that security deposit money is theirs to use on regular everyday upkeep of the unit. It’s not, that’s what rent money is for.… Read More »

A Dream House with Hidden Problems

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Pioletti & Pioletti - New Home

You recently bought the perfect house, but after the moving in, you’ve discovered it isn’t as flawless as you thought. Perhaps the roof leaks, the basement floods, or the plumbing is suspect. Whatever the issue might be, there may be legal remedies available to handle the matter. The first step is to contact your insurance… Read More »

Illegal Downloading: A Far From Covert Crime

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Illegal Downloading

It all seems so easy. Movies, music and even computer software is out there in the cyber world, free, seemingly at your fingertips. For some, downloading illegal copyrighted material is justified by their at times exorbitant prices. But in the end, it could cost you a lot of money. While one can find and download… Read More »

The Court Has Ordered an Eviction, Now What?

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Pioletti & Pioletti Eviction

You have just won a forcible entry and detainer action in court against your tenant in default. The tenant is still occupying the building. Are you immediately entitled to retake possession? Not so fast. Strange as it may seem, winning an eviction suit does not immediately entitle you to take possession of the property. Once… Read More »