DUI Charge for Prior Marijuana Use

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Illinois residents do not have to be impaired to be guilty of DUI. Use of marijuana days, or even weeks, before an arrest could be enough to constitute the offense. Under Illinois law, a person is guilty of DUI if he or she drives under the influence of any drug or combination of drugs to… Read More »

Law Would Allow Speed Cameras State-Wide

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Illinois Speed Camera

Automated traffic enforcement cameras used to enforce speed limits may be coming to a community near you very soon. Currently, Illinois law allows for speed cameras in Chicago only. However, new proposed legislation would allow for statewide use. The bill, known as HB 4632, is currently before the Illinois House of Representatives. The bill’s intent… Read More »

Cops on the Prowl for Summer Camp Goers

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Pioletti & Pioletti - Summer Camp

Since its start in 2001, the Summer Camp Music Festival, held in Chillicothe, IL, has been providing good music and great times to concert-goers from across the country. Unfortunately, these good times come to an abrupt halt for a choice few of the roughly 15,000 attendees each year because of drug arrests that occur in… Read More »

Bankruptcy Basics: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

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No one is immune to financial troubles, and an onslaught of unexpected events can turn even the most responsible consumer’s finances on their head. While other options, such as debt settlement and consolidation exist; for some, filing for bankruptcy might be the only way out of a tough situation. Once an individual has filed for… Read More »

Cheated by a Landlord over a Security Deposit?

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Security Deposit Return

When it comes to security deposits many landlords simply don’t get it. They consider it their own money as soon as they receive it at the beginning of a lease. They think that security deposit money is theirs to use on regular everyday upkeep of the unit. It’s not, that’s what rent money is for.… Read More »