How will I be able to pay my medical bills while my personal injury claim is pending?

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Personal Injury Lawyer

A common question asked of our personal injury lawyer by new clients is, how will they pay their medical bills while waiting for their claim to settle? This is an important question because when a victim sustains a serious injury, they can count on incurring expensive medical costs. Immediate medical treatment, intermediate treatment, and long term treatment will be costly but also necessary. Delaying medical treatment until after you receive a settlement may allow the injuries to worse, potentially putting your life in danger depending on the nature of the injuries. If this describes your current situation, call a law firm immediately and request a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Not only might they choose to handle your case, but you may also be able to help you get the medical treatment you need in advance of settling your claim.

How can a personal injury lawyer help me?

A personal injury lawyer is an aggressive defender of the rights of victims. If you were egregiously injured by another party through no fault of your own, and subsequently you are in vital need of immediate and comprehensive medical treatment, an attorney can help you. (The same is true if your family member was injured by a negligent party.)

You will receive special attention by a personal injury lawyer who will take the necessary steps to get you the medical care you need. In fact, a personal injury lawyer can represent you in interactions with the hospital, doctors, and your healthcare insurance provider to make sure you get the care you need and without delay. Your attorney will arrange for them to receive payment after you receive your settlement from the negligent party. If Medicaid and Medicare are available for you, a personal injury lawyer can incorporate that coverage as well. If your accident took place at work, they can handle your worker’s compensation claim.

Can I collect workers compensation benefits?

In the event that the accident occurred at work, under most circumstances you will be eligible for injury benefits. This includes the necessary medical treatment for your injury. Technically speaking, your employer will be paying your injury claim even though it has not yet been approved. Once the case is settled, your healthcare provider will be reimbursed for the care they gave you.

What medical bills will not be covered by my injury claim?

This is another important question, one that will be addressed by your personal injury lawyer after a detailed review of your case. In general, medical damages that will probably not be covered by your injury claim include:

  • Medical treatment was unrelated to the injury you suffered in the accident.
  • Optional treatment that is not necessary for your health or to “make you whole,” which

translates to returning you to the condition you were in prior to the accident.

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Thanks to Wiseman Bray, PLLC for their insight into personal injury claims and how to pay for your medical bills.