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The 6 Ways To Pay Your Medical Bills While Waiting for a Car Accident Settlement

Published on August 16th, 2020

Car Accident Lawyer

Dealing with injuries and rehabilitation after a car accident is challenging, especially if you must take a temporary leave from work. The financial strain of the car crash aftermath is often daunting. How do you pay your medical bills and make sure your healing stays on track? There are six potential options to help you deal with paying medical expenses and getting the care you need.

  1. Personal Insurance

While many people are unaware of it, most personal health insurance plans will temporarily cover your medical expenses following an accident. However, they will be sure to note every treatment, and they do expect repayment from any future settlement.

  1. PIP Coverage

Your auto insurance policy may also provide coverage for medical expenses. Some plans have personal injury protection or PIP coverage. While the amount offered may not cover all of your costs, it may be enough to cover some necessary tests and treatments. Unfortunately, PIP coverage pays first-come-first-serve, which means you cannot pick and choose who gets paid.

  1. Medicaid or Medicare

The governmental benefits of Medicaid and Medicare will cover your injuries, even if they were sustained in a car crash. However, before you can use these policies, you must use any existing PIP coverage first.

  1. Personal Loan

If you do not have a health insurance plan available that will pay for your medical expenses, you can look for a personal loan through a private lender. You may also have luck asking friends or family for the assistance, especially if you have a strong case with a likely settlement.

  1. Savings

Before searching for a loan provider or asking family, have you considered your savings accounts? If you have enough money stashed away for a rainy day, then it may be a better option than borrowing. Think about it, if you use your own money, then you do not have to repay the loan with interest.

  1. Attorney Guarantees

If you have no other options, then you might consider talking to your attorney. Your lawyer may be able to speak with hospitals and rehabilitation centers and negotiate on your behalf. Many institutions are willing to work with a victim if their attorney promises repayment from the settlement, in the form of an attorney lien.

Are you currently struggling to pay your medical and rehabilitation expenses after an accident? Contact a car accident lawyer, like from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., to discuss your options.

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